Wednesday, 09/01/10

3 rounds for time:Gym loop (400m run)
21 x kettlebell swings (53lb / 35lb)
12 x pull-ups
Compare to 4/20/103/2/10, and 1/22/10

Post time to comments.

Here is a link to a video on the kettlebell swing [wmv] [mov]
Here is a new video on butterfly pull-ups for those of you interested.


Joseph said...

9:40, gym loops killed me.

Kings said...

9:20 as Rxed.

Need to get faster on my gym loops.

Pauly D said...

10:20. Need more sho.

Nick B said...

Gym Loops crush me-
I am having difficulty maintaining that high intensity on the stairs versus a 400m sprint. Id be interested to see times for 400m on the road. Might mix it up (constantly vaired) next 400m.


kseki said...

10:42 as Rx'd
Gym loops suck!
A 6 minute improvement from January, my first Helen.

Adam said...

11:52 with 35 lb. KB sub and my pull-ups were hot garbage after the first couple. The blue band got me through. The gym loop was my favorite part.

mattb said...


after a week off I wasn't carrying the same amount of lactic acid as those who did MON and TUES' workouts

Stroh's Lite said...

11:19 as RX'd.
Brutal at 1330 - 94degrees in Arvin.

I agree with Nick B, the stairs are a different kind of intnsity than a full-on run. They still have a huge effort and power output on the upstairs, but I think the downstairs portion is not very intense if you're being safe and trying not to do a face plant.

A great location for "Helen" is at a track with rings hung from the field goals, or at a pull up bar just off the track. KB's right next to pullups. We have that exact facility in the field house (with dumbells in the cage) or at Shea Stadium (if we bring our own KB's).

Dev said...

10:40, last gym loop was rough

jr said...

10:03...need to get faster on gym loops and stop breaking my p/u & kbs sets

sdc said...

10:26 as Rx'd

Randothezoomie said...

9:31 kbs smoked me and my run was straight embarassing. Rough week for the legs so far

baby huey said...


Blue band last 1.5 sets

Rob said...

9:02, busted myself to get sub 9, but alas, no dice