Tuesday, 08/10/10

For time:
50-40-30-20-10 reps of

Compare to 11/04/09

Please bring your jump rope if you have one.  We will share for additional rounds but there are very few laying around the gym at this point.


Anonymous said...

Come on! Double unders?!

JWM said...

Bobby, here is where the constantly varied part comes in. Along with the added components of fitness like balance, coordination, and accuracy. Have fun with it!

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

For all you FaceBookers out there...use the link below and give me your vote for the Fight Gone Bad V "Who Do You Fight For?" competition.


Damn, I miss this crew!


ChadC said...

DU's killed me


MikeRothenb said...

11:30 as rx'd

yay double-unders!

JWM said...


Finally managed to string together unbroken DUs.

Adam said...

First day of CF, so had to use the 4:1 single under sub until I can master the double unders.

Chris M said...

Since I missed yetsterday, I did Grace first.

Grace: 115#, 5:06

Annie: 12:06

A 4:1 ratio for singles to DUs isn't very effecient!

JC said...


Had a mix and match of doubles and singles.

Anonymous said...

So I slept past my alarm this morning. No excuses. I'll make this up later today.

Tex said...

9:33 as rx'd

I got the double unders, but I still have to do alternating single doubles. So much wasted time.

SG said...


All these months practicing DUs are finally paying off

CPR said...

Using the 4:1 ratio for singles to doubles, 10:41.

I guess it is time to work on those double unders

Anonymous said...

7:45. Double unders are finally working for me...and it's about time.

Chris said...

7:41. PR by over two minutes. DUs are starting to work better - got over 30 unbroken at one point.

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Still looking for a Borce, Sodak, Bama, Nick B posting...someone go by their rooms and offices and make sure they are still alive and kicking. Let them know how weak and soft they are starting to look.

Strohs Lite--Way to take a call out as a challenge. That is how I would expect a combat arms officer to act.

Still time to vote for "Who I Fight For." On FaceBook...your support is welcomed.



Kings said...


Had to add the asterick. My rope broke with 30 total double unders to go so had to sub stick jumps at the end. Added Abmat sit-ups with feet together, which hurt a bit.

Did yesterday's workout during lunch.

Grace as rxed - 3:07.

Like the programming, JWM.

BAMA said...

12:44...thanks to SODAK for meeting me there...NOT.

Missed the crew this summer! Thanks for the push this morning.

Anonymous said...


I did GHD sit ups for 50 and 40. Then I realized that I was losing the intensity and started doing regular sit ups for 30/20/10. DU's are getting better, I can string together 6-7 pretty consistently

JJ said...

7:19 as Rx'd, DU's are getting better...

Tommy said...


Had to bounce back and forth between DUs and singles. But I'm gettin better!

Joseph said...

14:05, GHD, strung 18 DUs together all the other times was 2-5 DUs at once.