Monday, 08/23/10

Ten rounds for time of:
10 pull-ups
10 burpees

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C V said...

Big up's to Black and Gold Ancient. He smoked me in a CF challenge to donations to his Fight Gone Bad V Fund.

WOD was Tillman from CF Football.
7 RFT, w/ 45 sec rest between rounds.
7DL @315#
1 Gasser (down and back the width of the football field, twice)
15 Pull Ups

1:29, 2:25, 3:08, 3:07, 3:13, 3:41, 3:47
For a total time: 25:26

2:01, 2:25, 2:56, 3:21, 3:42, 4:30, 4:47
For a total time: 28:19

Joseph said...

About 16:30 for 11 rounds, need some kind of round counter method.

Zachary said...

about 16 min

JWM said...


I have to use something to count rounds or I get lost somewhere between lala land and delirious.

Anonymous said...

12:42. That was an awesome way to start the week...sore.

Chris M said...

About 15:40 after waiting for cadets crossing my bar practicing the IOCT. It was crazy in the gym this morning!
Good WOD! The burpees killed me!

kseki said...


Nick B said...

too much rest in between rounds- THS on a monday- great way to start the week pushing it though.

Adam said...

21:26 - smoked. I need to do more efficient burpees, they were definitely what slowed me up.

Stroh's Lite said...


What a great WOD.

I dug deep into the MAJ Ryan Wylie arsenal of Burpees form on this one. Basically, dive to the ground landing almost prone (saves energy, is faster, and toughens up the belly!)

Kings said...

18:56. That was a tough one.

Sweddy said...

As RX'd--20:25

BAMA said...

18:57, hands got a little soft over the summer I reckon...busted after the first set.

Maj said...


mattb said...



MikeRothenb said...

did 5 pull-ups per round, still getting the shoulder up to speed.


jr said...

Great WOD for a monday! Finished at 20 mins.

njc said...

Still trying to get a feel for the gym here at USNA. Couldn't find a good place to do burpees and pullups, so I modified the WOD.

7 rounds
10 burpees
10 KB swings (25#)
14:50 with too many breaks

Felt good to do the first CF workout in a while.

JC said...

I have no idea what my time was, but if I had to venture a guess it was probably in between 15 and 20 minutes. The good news is that I finished the WOD. I'll shoot for the lower end of the time spectrum next time we do this great WOD.

Anonymous said...

7 rounds in 7:45. I had to stop early because my hands were being ripped to shreds.