Friday, 08/13/10

For Friday the 13th we will call this "Freddy's Funhouse"
For time:
Run 1 mile (or 1.14 miles)
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of
Kettlebell swing (53lb/35lb)
Box jump (24"/20")
Run 1 mile (or 1.14 miles)

Remember to bring your reflective belts to run outside. 
The run course will be as follows:
Come out the corner entrance from Arvin gym
Run into north area and exit the area between Mac Short and Mac Long
Run down Jefferson Road (in front of Quarters 100) and turn right onto Washington Road
Run down Washington Road to Kosciuszko's Monument
Touch the monument and return via the reverse route

Post time to comments.


SG said...

23:49 Great crew to end the week with. Thanks Smitty for the push at the end!

Adam said...

25:13 - this workout was a smoker, but a good way to end the week. The 'mile' seemed a bit long, but a good challenge.

Adam said...

oh yeah, forgot to mention I scaled the KBs to 35 lbs.

JC said...


I like the run days. Especially heading into the weekend.

MikeRothenb said...


good stuff.

Tex said...

Second mile was torture. Adam, I agree the 'mile' felt a bit long. Google maps agrees. The distance was about 1.14 miles.

Joseph said...

21:17, need to work on KBS.

Chris said...

25:49. Good WOD, weak body/mind...

Kings said...


Good workout and obstacle course. Recommend to try and not do this workout around lunch time.

Anonymous said...

23:13, and concur with Kings...don't do this during the heat of mid-day. As for the mile, if that is accurate, it was my slowest mile ever. I have my doubts...