Tuesday, 08/31/10

50 Deadlift (225lb/185lb)
1.2 mile run

NOTE: This is A LOT of deadlifting.  Make sure you keep consistent form as your get tired so avoid shifting too much of the load from your legs to your back.

Remember to bring your reflective belts to run outside. 
The run course will be as follows:
Come out the corner entrance from Arvin gym
Run into north area and exit the area between Mac Short and Mac Long
Run down Jefferson Road (in front of Quarters 100) and turn right onto Washington Road
Run down Washington Road to Kosciuszko's Monument
Touch the monument and return via the reverse route

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Compare to 5/14/10


Zachary said...

13:29 with 155lb on the deadlift

MikeRothenb said...

13:10 as Rx'd

my legs are absolutely fried.

Nick B said...

16:30 as RXd

Adam said...

Goat day for me. Thanks to Scott for instruction on proper form/technique on the deadlift. it will take some getting used to.

Pauly D said...

13:59 as Rx'd. Great push today fellas.

kseki said...

15:40 scaled to 185#DL
Didn't check, but pretty sure that DLs took as long as the run.

Anonymous said...

11:39 as Rx'd.

Great working with the 'ol post-formation crew this morning. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

12:07 as RX'd. 3:11 on DL's, 8:55 on the run.

ChadC said...

15:42 w/205 lbs

Stroh's Lite said...

15:01 as RX'd.

Brutal in the 1230hrs heat!!

That was a lot of DL!!!

Sodak said...

1258 ... scaled it way to much... we'll just leave it at that. I liked the workout (another indicator that I did not go hard enough). See you all tomorrow morning!

Kings said...
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Kings said...

13:11 as Rxed.

Liked the workout, but legs were definitely hurting a bit.

baby huey said...


Scaled to 205

jr said...

16:30..my right ankle needs to heal faster...my run time needs improvement