Wednesday, 08/18/10

Four rounds for time:
4 Muscle ups
30 Double unders

*Run route: Depart Arvin from the southeast corner entrance.  Run into north area directly to Corregidor sallyport.  Pass through Corregidor sally port and proceed to Washington Monument.  From Washington monument turn left and continue along the plane side of MacArthur Barracks.  Pass through Inchon sally port and the continue directly back into Arvin.  This is roughly a 0.3 mile (500 meter) run.

If you are unable to do a muscle up substitute 12 modified muscle ups (from your knees assisting with your legs) or substitue 12 pull-ups and 12 dips each round.

If you are unable to do double unders, substitute single unders in a 4:1 ratio (four singles for one double).

If you do not have a jump rope available, substitute tuck jumps for double unders.


JWM said...

16:13 as Rx'd

Great to see a growing group out there this morning. Don't sweat it if you do not have the muscle ups or double unders yet. It takes time and effort but you all can do it!

Chris M said...

Fran @ 75lbs: 5:28 (PR)

So, I had a good buddy visiting who easily convinced me to do a different WOD to avoid two of his and my goats - Muscle ups and double unders. Fran felt surprisingly good this morning.

Joseph said...

18:55, did one full MU each round then 9 assisted from the knees. subbed DUs for tuck jumps, need to work on both skills.

Zachary said...

23:21, did 12 assisted muscle ups instead of 4 regular ones, and did tuck jumps instead of DUs

MikeRothenb said...


Was able to get 10 muscle-ups, then I went to assisted.

Finally finding a rhythm with double-unders!

Anonymous said...

19:36, not proud with my time. Still working on muscleups and DU's, both are goats for me.

Article in the journal on crossfit vs APFT training.

Sweddy said...

28 minutes (?) The clock reset on me.
Subbed 12 pullups and 12 dips instead of MUs. RX'd on DU's

Adam said...

22:22 other than the run, just about everything was sub'ed - 4:1 single for double unders and various states of assisted muscle ups and pull ups to make it.

Tex said...

I had to sub tuck jumps for most of the first round of DUs. After that, I was able to knock them out.