Friday, 08/27/10

7 medicine ball cleans
7 burpees

Pair up for this one.  One partner will coach, encourage, and count rounds.  The other partner will work, sweat, and cry.  After ten minutes, switch roles.


JWM said...

I am the guy who forgot to set his alarm last night. My bad!

Alternate WOD: pillow bobs for time followed by max effort haze yourself in the mirror.

I will add something else this weekend to catch up. Sorry I missed the morning crew.

Zachary said...

9 rounds plus 4 med ball cleans as RXed

Adam said...

8 rounds with 14 lbs. medicine ball. Great way to end the week.

SG said...

9 rounds + 2 MBCs

Great crew this morning! JWM...are we even now?!

Chris M said...

8 rounds + 2 MBCs. I started w/ 20lb med ball and switched to the 14lb half-way through as my legs were smoked.

kseki said...

9 rounds as Rx'd

Pauly D said...

10 rounds even...that's right boys. poppin those hips will help me on the dance floor tonight. Holla at ya boy.

Nick B said...

8 complete, 7 MB cleans
Thanks for the motivation - are you going to Klutch or Bed tonight Pauly D??

Anonymous said...

14 rds-3 burpees.

Or it could have been 13 rds because "someone" (thanks, strohs lite...) moved my counting mechanisms (ie weight collars).

Really helps to pop your hips and shrug hard on the med ball cleans. Otherwise you're doing a lot more work than necessary.

Stroh's Lite said...

11.5 rounds

Due to a lack of med balls avail when I started I did 7 35# Kettle Bell Snatches on each arm is substitute for the med ball clean.

Not exactly the same movement, but took about the same time, and definately a form and skill intensive move.

I can't believe I'm saying this but rocking through the burpees was my saving grace on this WOD.