Tuesday, 08/03/10

5 Rounds for time
9 Deadlift (95#) [wmv] [mov]
6 Hang Power Clean (95#) [wmv] [mov]
3 Push Press (95#) [wmv] [mov]
Run 500m (Supt/Comm loop)

Scale weight up or down as necessary.

Post time to comments.


JWM said...

17:58 as Rx'd

I think this is a WOD where we could have had a few different weights to choose from.

For any of you doing it at Arvin, we had to modify the Supt/Comm loop due to construction. You go out the Arvin entrance to the left along the back side of the Supt's house. Turn right after you pass the Comm's house and run to the stop sign at the front corner of his house. Then return to Arvin by backtracking the same route.

Mac said...


Agree with previous comment. I would say that a little more weight would have worked out well.

Andrew said...

As RX'd: 19:58

JC said...

20:15 as RX'd

Tex said...

17:09 with 135lbs for all exercises
Ran around my city block for the 500m

Stroh's Lite said...

115lbs on the bar
dide 500m row (level 10)sub for the run.

The higher weight on the bar was great, especially on the hang cleans, grip was a challenge.

The 500 row is a special and different kind of suck than the run, but still replicates the intense cardio- definately pegged the cardiovascular