Thursday, 08/12/10

Cadets will be on a brigade run in the morning.  Have a great time and try to make it into the gym later to knock out the WOD.

Gymnastics Skills Day
Pick one of the following gymnastics skills and work on your form/technique for 30 minutes:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips
Free standing handstand

AFTER your 30 minutes of technique work, complete the following:
Max rep pull-ups
Max rep ring dips

Post reps for pull-ups and ring dips to comments.


Chris said...

Worked on MU progression - close but not quite there. Thanks JWM for the coaching. PU - 17 (short of PR by far), RD - 12 (short of PR).

Adam said...

13 strict pullups and 10 ring dips. I need to work on my kip and hand stands.

JWM said...

Did some handstand work this morning.
Pull-ups: 42 + one embarassing and painful fall (PR by 1)
Ring dips: 21 (PR)

Anonymous said...

Did yesterday's WOD - 5.5 rounds. A little frustrating to get all the way to the third floor gym and hear the watch start beeping...that's motivation for next time.

Adam said...

the "embarassing" fall referenced above was actually not embarassing since it came at the end of 42 pull ups. I was impressed.

JWhips said...

Jake, great job on the 42 Pull-ups. That's great.

JC said...

Did MU work today. Tried to work the transition. Also realized I have a long way to go on strength before I get a good MU. Something to keep working towards.

After all that did 19 pullups when I started to feel the hands go. Followed that with 11 ring dips.

Joseph said...

first MU using a hard kip. need to work grip coming down to string together MUs and strength in the upward pull. 29 kipping PU, 16 RD