Wednesday, 08/25/10

NOTE: We adjusted slightly this morning.  Here is the updated WOD:

"The Hayes 20 minute Haze"
Start in the '62 CrossFit Room
10 Kettlebell swings
10 Toes to bars
Run up to the lower level of Hayes Gym and enter by the IOCT shelf
Climb rope to second floor
Run 1 lap around track
Go out the track exit closest to the ropes, down stairs, and back into the '62 room

Post number of rounds completed in comments.


Adam said...

5 rounds, scaled KB to 35 lbs and toes to the bars became more like "flailing on the bar" towards the end. Good workout though.

JWM said...

6 rounds + 9 KBS

The run was a bit longer than anticipated but that allowed the rest of the body to revocer some each round.

MikeRothenb said...

5 Rounds plus KBS's and "ankles to the bar"

ankles to the bar turned more into knees to elbows though.

Great workout though. My stomach is still feeling uneasy.

JC said...

4 rounds and made it to the bottom of the rope on the 5th when time expired.

Rope climb was a gut check. Didn't think I'd make it onto the platform the last couple of rounds.

Zachary said...

4 rounds plus 10 KB swings and 5 toes to bar/knees to elbows combo

Joseph said...

5 rounds in 20:30. 53 lbs KBS. KTEs for last two rounds

Pauly D said...

5 rounds...& not one hair out of place.

BAMA said...

4 rounds and 10 kb swings

Tex said...

Sorry about some of the hold-up on the ropes caused by the climbing team.

Nick B said...

4 rounds and stared at the KB for about 10 seconds in disgust watching the clock hit 20mins.
awesome 3 days