Thursday, 08/26/10

This is the new Black & Gold CrossFit shirt.
Keep your eyes out for ordering information.
For time:
Run 5k

Route: Start between the Comm's and Dean's houses. Run out to Lee Gate and back.

Compare to: 04/13/10

Bonus round:
50 x Push up
50 x Pull up
50 x Sit up

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Anonymous said...

The new shirts look sick!

JWhips said...

I'm liking the new shirts. Looking forward to getting a few.

Joseph said...

20:50, shouldve pushed harder.

Chris M said...

Wasn't feeling it this am.

Adam said...

20:22, finally an event in which I can hold my own, but let me guess, tomorrow we will have 500 x OHS and 200 x muscle ups..

Anonymous said...

Did yesterday's WOD, but forgot the lap around Hayes gym, which probably would have been a good thing to add.
With that in mind, 7 rds +10 KB and 10 TTB.

Mark R said...

Awesome shirts!!! Props to the design team!

Pauly D said...

23 minutes on the run...Def going to do a few bonus rounds lata

Zachary said...

25 min - I paid dearly for not coming in the morning

Anonymous said...


JC said...

23:53, not too pleased. This will serve as a personal reminder to continue to work harder.