Monday, 08/16/10

We will meet as normal in the Class of '62 CrossFit room.  Once you warm up you can move out to the cardio room for the WOD:

"Tabata Treadmill"

Do 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Use a treadmill, set at 12% grade at a 0-30 second slower pace per mile than your best 5k pace.  Do not reduce the speed once you start the workout.

Note: this is a short WOD.  Once you start running, you are done 4 minutes later.  Don't let that fool you though, it is a smoker for sure!

Here is a WOD demo [wmv] [mov]


Adam said...

8.0 mph and now I know what it feels like to smoke sawdust

Nick B said...

Lesson #1 !! Good way to start the school year- good to be back.
I look forward to getting it on with B&G Cf again this year!

7.0 mph - forgot what the arvin lung felt like.

Anonymous said...

7.0 mph. Tough to measure this one, although I suppose you can improve by increasing the speed.

Did a tabata pushup set afterwards - 12. Happy Monday.

Zachary said...

8.0 mph

Chris M said...

8.0 and eventually 8.2

That was harder than it sounded

kseki said...

1st and 2nd Muscle up today! Pretty ugly but I finally made it.

Kings said...

7:30 pace - 8.0 mph(I think)

Pretty impressed with how tired this CFE 4 minute workout can make your legs feel.

mattb said...

Tried to keep 8 mph, but last 3 rounds 7.5 , 7.5 , 7

I also tasted by breakfast

Sweddy said...


Stroh's Lite said...

8.0 mph
That was miserable, it was all I could do to keep from falling off the back of the treadmill on the last 2.

MattB, Tabata's done right should bring you to the limit on the last 2-3 sets. Nice work.

Food for thought after visiting the CrossFit L1 Cert in Oakville CT this weekend, the CrossFit principle "constantly varied," should/can include your warmup.

They talked about the concept of even experienced CrossFit(ters) can get in a rut and do the same warm up day after day. I encourage everyone to add something different each day, especially some goats. Or just completely change it up every day.

In view of this, today I did this warm up rotating through all exercises one after another for 3 rounds: 3 sets of 2 rope whipping for 30 seconds each set, 3 sets of 35 snatches and then 53 KB swings, 3 sets 20m lunges w/med 20lb ball over head and 3X15 GHD situps, 3 sets of 5 Flying pullups.


Check out the "Bergener warm up", useful on any O-lift day.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Stroh's Lite, excellent thoughts on warming up. I would also encourage people to make sure you are doing a warm-up of some type. You will find that your work capacity (and WOD times) improve if you come into it warm rather than just shaking the arms a few times and calling it good.

Also, if you have attended a L1 cert in the past and did not take the test, please follow his lead and schedule a time to take the test. If not, your certification will become invalid!

Joseph said...

8.0 mph, last two were brutal.