Wednesday, 08/11/10

AMRAP 20 minutes
10 Overhead squats (95/65)
10 Box jumps (24/20)
10 Knees-to-elbows
Run gym loop

Post rounds completed and partial rounds completed to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

5 rounds + OHS's and KTE.

Used a 15lb bar for OHS, first time doing those since surgery, feeling good.

is there any chance we could get more chalk in there? my hands are a little tender.

JC said...

5 Rounds + OHSs and KTEs

Scaled to 65 for the the overhead squats.

Good WOD!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

MikeRothenb, I ordered some chalk on Monday so it should be in the gym sometime next week.

JWM said...

5 rounds as Rx'd + 10 OHS + 10 Box Jumps + 4 KTEs

Gym loop really ate my lunch this morning!

CPR said...

5 rounds, scaled to 45 for OHS

Tex said...

6 rounds + 8 OHS

JWhips, if you are still watching this site, I thought of you every time I wanted to walk at the top of the gym loop. Thanks.

Adam said...

4 rounds + OHSs (w/ 15 lb. bar) & Box jumps

good WOD, I look forward to tomorrows.

Chris M said...

4 rounds + 10 OHS, 10 Box Jumps + 5KTE.

Scaled to 65lbs on the OHS.

Joseph said...

5 rounds+ OHS, 3 KTEs scaled to 75 lbs

Tommy said...

5 rounds + OHS + box jumps + KTEs + making it to the stairs on the run.

Used 65lbs for the first two then dropped to just a bar.

JWhips said...

Tex, I hope you kept going at the top of the gym loop and only thought about walking. Thanks for thinking of me, even though it was about one of my weaknesses. The top of the gym loop was always the worst for me. I'm still watching and wishing I was there with you all. It's just not the same out here. Keep up the great work.

By the way, where has SODAK been and what's her excuse?

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

BORCE, SODAK, NICK B....Your daily call out is here! Shameful! I only wish someone was there to send out a highly shameful email to all of the CrossFit crew. Friday is coming...I'm sure it could be done.


Kings said...

Completed 5 Rounds as Rxed with 10 OHS, 10 Box Jumps, & 10 KTEs.

15 seconds was just not enough time to knock out that final loop to make 6.

Sweddy said...

As RX'd: 4 rounds + 10 + 10 + 10 + 15meters

kseki said...

5 rounds.... minus gym loop.
Scaled to 65# OHS