Friday, 08/06/2010

"Row Fran Row"
For time:
Row 500m
21-15-9 reps of
Thrusters (95lb/65lb)
Row 500m

Post time to comments.

REMEMBERScaling is not for the weak, it is for the powerful! You produce much more power (Force x Distance / Time) when you keep the bar moving. Therefore, PLEASE choose a weight that you can keep moving rather than tring to be a hero and ultimately taking 20-25 minutes to get through it because you spend more time starting at the bar than you do actually lifting it.  I guarantee that you will see better results with this method.


JC said...

12:28 scaled to 65 for Thrusters.

That WOD was vicious. Thrusters are definitely a weak point for me.

Chris M said...

11:28 scaled to 65 on Thrusters.

I was smoked on the last 500m row. Good WOD to roll into the weekend with!

JWM said...

11:06 (scaled to 75 for the set of 21 and 65 for the next two sets of thrusters)

Strength in the thruster is still a huge goat for me.

Anonymous said...


Rowing takes a lot more out of you than you realize, and that final row left me feeling noodlish. I definitely like how this combo brings together pulls and pushes, and then a gasser as well. Happy friday...

js39 said...

12:46 scaled to 65 for Thrusters, green band for pu...second row was a smoker.

Stroh's Lite said...

12:03 as Rxd

That was pure pain. Right after yesterdays Snatch/25DL-50PU-25DL fun...

Thank you weekend!

kseki said...

13:08 w/75# thrusters

Kings said...

10:18 as rxed. Good workout to come back to after 2 weeks of leave.

Tex said...

No rower was available so I did:
Wearing IBA + 20lbs

Suicide run (approx basketball court)
Fran as rx'd
Suicide run


Absolutely miserable and my legs are still sore 2 days later.