CrossFit Friday 1/22/10


3 rounds of:
gym loop (400m run)
21 x kettle bell swings (53lb / 35lb)
12 x pull-ups

Compare to 12/8/09

Post time to comments.


"Alex" not "Andy" said...


My time in December was 9:23. Starting to see some really good results and improvements since I started at the beginning of October.

Dubbs said...

Got off to a slow start with NM's group, so finished at 9:11...5 seconds slower than last time.

JWM said...

Felt good this morning and it helped to be chasing behind NM's group.

Njc said...

I think the start time for the second group was 1:30?

If so, then 13:37 (PR - first Helen).

Gotta maintain/pick up my speed during the run.

CPR said...

well, 12.39 this morning(PR). The Helen workout in December was my first crossfit workout. I don't know if the run around Hayes is longer than the gym loop or not, but I do know that it felt much better to be passing people on the track as opposed to being the one getting lapped around.

Stroh's Lite said...

14:18 Ouch.(definately slower than last time with Helen - and that even had ring pullups)

That was rough - on the heels of yesterday's 95lb Suck, I'm having trouble typing now - "grip intensive" last few days. Just one more awesome factor of CrossFit is building long term, day to day resilience and toughness. Love it.

Nick B said...

good mix-up with the track this morning- thought the gym loop sucked!

Vanilla Gorilla said...

8:18 (PR)

I felt the mix of Sandhurst and CrossFit workouts from this past week at that first stair this morning. That aside what a great week.

I did notice there was no one to take pictures of all the hard work this morning. Just an observation, they were missed.

Spoiler Alert: A storm of new music is out John Mayer fans. New music drops Monday.

Jimmy said...

55# db
.25 on treadmill (1.0% grade)

Gregg said...

9:19 (PR) (previous time 10:05)

Thanks to Maj Mayo and TNash for the push.

kseki said...

16:45 as Rx'd
First Helen and the end to week 3 of crossfit. Good times.

Mac said...

9:07. Good run and KB swings, but the grip strength was suckin' for the PUs. I think yesterday's suck continues to haunt me.

sdc said...

I agree with Mac. My forearms are so burnt right now that I can barely type.

10:10 as rx'd

Chris said...

9:29(PR). 1:01 faster than the last time I did this.

Bobby said...


Got this in before lunch. I've got to start getting to bed sooner for the AM workouts.

SB said...

resisted the urge to do Helen...wanted to do something more aerobic and rest shoulders a bit....try this one...
Jacob's Ladder
time:1 hour continuous
feet: 4,363

Tex said...

Heavy Helen
400m Gym Loop
21x 2pood KBS
12x CTB Pull-ups

11:11 (PR)

I improved my time from December by more than 2 minutes. What a great end to a very tough week.

NM said...


Shout out to all the Big Snakes there this morning...great showing!

See you guys on Monday...

Sodak said...


I also am heading Major Richards plea to get some music out there.
This morning I felt more like I wanted to go back to sleep then workout.
Remember that time I had to chase TN and MM around? Agh. maybe someday i'll be able to get on their level. Thanks for the push!

Oh just to avoid hating, I'll be MIA Monday, tuesday and Weds. Letting you all know in advance to hopefully downplay the Interrogation that will happen on thursday morning.

Peace out Cub Scouts!

westpointlefty said...


Phil said...


I need to pick up my speed during the run.

BAMA said...


westpointlefty said...

9:43 FEB 5, 2010