Monday 1/18/10

Arvin opens at 0930 because of the holiday. I'll be there at 1100 if anyone is around and wants to meet up.

This was the WOD from the main site for Sunday. I have been wanting to do this again anyway, so here it is. If you're not able to do this one today, get a buddy and make it up sometime during the week. It's worth the extra effort.

Fight Gone Bad (FGB)

For reps/calories.

3 rounds of 1 minute each of the following exercises:

Wall ball at 10ft target (20lb for men/12lb for women)
Sumo dead lift high pull (75lb/45lb)
20" Box jump
Push press (75lb/45lb)
Row for calories

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Add total number of reps/calories for each round and post to comments

Compare to 7/3/09


Tex said...

I'll be there at 1100

Vanilla Gorilla said...

See you at 1100

NM said...

I gotta knock it out a little earlier tomorrow, so I'll be there @ 0930 if anyone else is game...

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Did this yesterday but didn't have five pound weights so I did 85lb for the push press and SDLHP. Also did it to task so instead of as many reps as possible I did it like this:

3 rounds for time of:

20 x Wall ball
20 x 85lb SDLHP
20 x Box jump
20 x 85lb Push press
20 calorie row

15:23 was my time. Different twist on a good workout, I recommend trying it if you want something new.

AJ said...

WB - 18, 15, 15
SDLHP - 14, 13, 14
BJ - 27, 20, 20
PP - 29, 20, 22
Row - 16, 12, 12

Total: 267

MikeRothen said...


Thanks to Tony for keeping my score and adding that little extra motivation to keep me going.

I have a PT test tomorrow, I am looking for a big improvement over last semester

Mark R said...

233 (PW)
Didn't even look at the score card for fear of openly weeping in public. Big thanks to Jake for the motivation!

Bob said...


Not my best day but a good push from Shawn.

kseki said...

Ouch!!! I think I broke 200 barely. Still have some form issues.

Tex said...


10 better than July, but 15 worse than about a month ago. Amazing what a poor sleep and eating schedule can do.

Vanilla Gorilla said...


WB - 21, 13, 19
SDLHP - 18, 17, 19
BJ - 15, 12,15
PP - 15, 17, 14
Row - 26, 16, 16

Frist time I have done this one. I know I have been doing CF since Sept 07 and this is my first time. Thanks to Mike for the push and keeping me honest and also Major Mayo for the push.

JWM said...

SDHP - 26, 18, 18
BJ - 22, 18, 22
PP - 19, 12, 13
Row - 14, 14, 14
WB - 14, 14, 14

Total: 249

First time for FGB. That was an absolute smoker and I felt really really sorry for myself. Thanks to Mark for not feeling sorry for me and pushing me through it. You easily added 15 points to my score!

Anonymous said...

After several years of Crossfit, first time doing FGB. 2 lessons-check to make sure your rower works before starting, and have someone else track your scores.
wallball-32, 31, 26
SDLHP-28, 27, 28
box jumps-25, 22, 17
PP-25, 22, 21
row-19, 19, 15

Total:(129+121+107) 357

JWhips said...

139+113+97 = 347 (PR by 27 points)
WB: 29,25,20
SDHP: 28,24,20
BoxJump: 42,30,21
PP: 25,21,20
Row: 15,13,14
The last round of box jumps killed me. Thanks to Tex for keeping score and giving me time hacks.
It was great to see so many people out on a day off. That really says a lot about you all.

Tomorrow marks the 1 year point of me doing CrossFit. When I started last year, I did not know half of the exercises, I couldn't do pull-ups to save my life, and I cried the first time I did a 95lb front squat because my wrists hurt so much. It took me 2 months to learn to do a kipping pull-up, 6 months to get my first muscle up, even longer to learn the double under, and I'm still learning so much every day. MAJ Mayo told me my first day to check my ego at the door and to just get after it. So that's what I have been doing. At first my goal was to just complete the WODs. I didn't care how long it took me, as long as I did all of the reps. It was over a month before I ever even started timing myself. Two months before I kept track of my times, and 6 months before I started posting (I should have been posting from the beginning). I did not know about scaling so I tried everything Rx'd. I hurt myself a few times because of this, and I have sense learned my lesson so I now scale appropriately.
Anyway, a month into my CrossFit journey was Fight Gone Bad. Let's just say that I got destroyed. My score was around a 180 at best. A year later and my score is almost double. After about 4 months of solid work, my times were getting reasonable but not good by any means. I kept at it and things just kept getting better. My PT test has gone from sad to max, and in October I ran my fastest 2-mile run time in 11 years. I've dropped 20 pounds, 4 pant sizes, and my blood work has gone from being at risk to well within normal. So a year into things and I cannot say enough about all the good that is CrossFit.

I guess I've written way too much. Time to go hang my rings on my front porch so people think I'm a ninja.

My name is Jason and I'm addicted to CrossFit.

Chris said...

2 1/2++ weeks off because of some lower back spasms. Feeling better and stretching hamstrings A LOT.
WB 25,15,14
SDHP 18,14,14
BJ 25,20,17
PP 14,14,14
ROW 15,12,14
Total 244

Maj said...
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Maj said...

Wall ball- 31, 25, 22
SDLHP- 30, 24, 22
Box jump- 49, 45, 45
Push press-29, 23, 26
Row- 17, 16, 19

Total: 423 rx'd

Took a 3 day break before this which helped tremendously! I forgot how bad this one kicks your ass.

Phil said...


This is my first time posting, I'm one of those DFP (Don't F'ing Post) guys, I’ve been doing the WODs after school for about three months and finally decided I should start posting.

Maj said...

forgot to add that i rested a minute between each exercise...

Sodak said...


Well. I thought that I did well, well I mean I did well for me, but being the competative person I am I may or may not have looked at other people's scores n' made a few comparisons.
Anyways. there is my score.
Thanks to Christy for the encouragement!

SM said...

WB - 28, 23, 19
SDLHP - 28, 24, 17
BJ - 23, 22, 16
PP - 22, 20, 20
Row - 21, 18, 18

Total: 293

Ouch, I hurt after a weekend of inactivity and junk food.

NM said...

133+106+108= 347

Great turnout today...A shout out specifically to Shawn and Christy for showing up with Bob...great work. Also good to see Phil out there AND the 4th REG TAC Crew! Go Fourth and Conquer!

JWhips, awesome post...(you couldn't get one more rep today??!!! C'mon!)

See you all tomorrow-MarkR and I totally Zoned out tonight (or not) so you'd better watch out for us in the AM. Aight, B&G, get's a 4-day week...

BAMA said...


20 14 15
22 26 20
Box Jump
22 19 10
Push Press
21 16 18
calorie row
15 11 12

Shawn said...

Thanks for letting Christy and me hang out and do the WOD with you guys. Tuesday was a bit rough, but when is it not?