CrossFit Friday 1/8/10

CrossFit Nation,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! For those of you who spent the holiday break sitting around, eating everything in sight and watching your noodley sack of flesh expand two sizes, this is your chance to show remorse and act on the New Year resolution to get in better shape. For those that made it their New Year resolution to spend more time on Facebook, eat an additional slice of oreo cheesecake and get to that next level in World of Warcraft – you may want to skip tomorrow altogether.

If you are already thinking about how to convince the opposite sex that your flabby, no definition body is attractive on Spring Break, you may want to start by dragging your body out of the rack tomorrow morning. You may discover that there is still some muscle beneath the noodle that is desperately seeking stimulation.

Tomorrow we will reach back to the old workouts of CrossFit Friday that were simple and strong.

*Meet in the CrossFit gym in Arvin at 0530*

Station 1: Hayes Gym
20 dips, 20 ft Rope climb (top stripe), 50 4 x count flutterkicks
15 dips, 20 ft Rope climb or 3 shelf reps, 50 sit-ups
10 dips, 20 ft rope climb or 3 shelf reps, 30 Iron abs

Station 2: CrossFit gym
Grab 1 dumbbell or kettlebell that is approx. 15-20% of your BW.
20 turkish get-ups
30 thrusters (15 per arm then switch)
40 lunges (hold weight overhead in arm, switch each lunge)
50 snatches or clean and press (25 per arm then switch)
60 pushups (15 each arm doing pushup w/1 arm row, then last 30 regular)
70 air squats (hold weight at chest with both hands/arms)

Station 3: Stairs
3 Rounds of:
Basement to 4th floor every other step
Basement to 4th floor every step
Basement to 2nd floor left leg every step, 2nd to 4th floor right leg every step

Shamefully yours,


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sdc said...

What are "iron abs?"

Gregg said...

too long, as Rx'd

AJ said...

27:26 without the stair station.

AJ said...

iron abs are like a normal situp except you also are crunching your legs to your chest when in the up position and have them extended out like a leg lift when in the down position. hope that makes sense.

Zachary said...


Insha'Allah Valhalla said...

smoked me!

Nick B said...

Smoke fest- felt the holiday weakness as I met pukie in the locker room post 1:03 min workout-

Good to be back though!

NM said...

46:26...that was pretty sick.

Nick B, you're the man...

I'd also like to give a shout out to all the Big Snakes out there...enjoyed working out with you this morning...just like old times.

SB said...

3 Rnds for time:
10x 95lbs front sqt
10x 40lbs cleans and sandbag getups
20m 30lbs DB bear crawl
2 x stairway to heavens

time: 21:56

Vanilla Gorilla said...

30:00 with one full round of stairs

Jimmy said...

ran 4 miles