Tuesday 1/19/10

For time:

15 x hand stand push up
40 x squats
13 x hand stand push up
35 x squats
11 x hand stand push up
30 x squats
9 x hand stand push up
25 x squats
7 x hand stand push up
20 x squats
5 x hand stand push up
15 x squats
3 x hand stand push up
10 x squats
1 x hand stand push up
5 x squats

Post time to comments.

Sorry for the late post :(


"Alex" not "Andy" said...

Until MAJ Mayo goes a whole week without screwing up my name, this will be my screen name as a reminder to him.

Sir, you did well today, but yesterday was a disaster.

As for the WOD, my shoulder popped pretty bad on the first set of HSPUs so I stopped and just finished with the air squats for fear of an injury.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

7:25 w/ bands

What a group this morning.

JWM said...

7:43 with bands

Nick B said...

9:15 with bands. Never used the bands before- always limped through it against the wall- in terms of intensity level I was better off using the bands- Thanks

Mark R said...

12:35 with bands

Great to see so many people come out this morning!!

SB said...

12:56 with bands. squats took a toll on me also.

Jimmy said...

- much better on HSPU
- great deep leg squat torture. worked out the soreness from this weekend's fran wod.

CPR said...

This was most certainly a "leave your ego at the door kind of day" This was my first time with handstand pushups and my thanks goes out to Major Mayo and two of my classmates new to crossfit who helped hold me up even as my shoulders slowly sank to the floor, completely maxed out.

Anonymous said...

8:28, using two blue bands.

The post-formation crew is growing...

Zachary said...

10:30 w/ bands

kseki said...

12:00 with bands. Squats broke me off.

NM said...

"Alex" not "Andy"...CLASSIC! I love it...yep, I pretty much got nothin. Since you've laid down the gauntlet (and I am at least mildly competitive), it will not happen again for the rest of the week...I hope. For the rest of you whose names I've butchered over the years, my apologies...hopefully you are not as sensitive about it as "Alex" not "Andy"...

So, the name issue was a nice distractor to the goatish WOD time (10:23). I did the first set of HSPUs as rx'd and after that the blue/green band combo became my friend. Lots of work left to do on my #1 goat.

Solid group today...the rest of you dig yourself out of your Green Girls/White Blankies and come on out...we miss you.

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Of course this "wheelhouse" workout comes after I leave. Damn you JWhip for not having this last week so I could own NM. I'll save this one for a day when the main site WOD can't be done in the Blackmon Garage Box of Pain.

Very nice callout by Alex not Andy...and since I didn't get to it yesterday, happy belated CF birthday to JWhips.

Gregg said...

11:08, no bands, the squats hurt.

What is a "wheelhouse" workout?

Bob said...

12:56 w/bands

Feeling yesterday's wod today.

Mark R said...

Gregg Double G:
Wheelhouse = something you're really good at.


Mike Rothenberger said...

Did the APFT Today.

I kept the same score, but I lost a few push-ups since a few months ago. I dont know if it was the circumstances of doing the test by myself or the fact that it was a little cold.

I havnt specifically trained for the APFT since the last time I took it. I was hoping at least increase my score because the amount of time I have invested in Crossfit, but everyone has their days I guess.

Phil said...

I don't know when or how I did it, but last week I injured my shoulder, so I didn't go overhead with weight for most of the week, was feeling good yesterday so I did Fight Gone Bad and felt fine after, but after cow swimming today it definitely felt like HSPU were not a good idea so I just made up a workout:
5 rounds:
10 Front Squats (115)
10 Dips
Not a good performance today, I could have made up a better WOD too.

BAMA said...

11:17 w/bands

CM said...

8:58 w/bands

sdc said...

9:35 with bands

Had to make this one up on Saturday