CrossFit Friday 1/29/10

We will bring back an old friend, who, despite being on the “other” team, is a hero. Lt. Michael Murphy was a Navy Seal who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. Having just finished the book “Lone Survivor,” I feel inspired to make Murph the WOD.

We’ll do the WOD as a buddy team. Come with a buddy or get paired up in the morning – either way, come ready to work.

**Meet at 0530 in Hayes Gym in Arvin**

Buddy Murph:
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run

Shame yourself and get inspired!



Njc said...

Nick and Bobby:

This one sucked more than both of us remembered.

Jimmy said...

Man did I want to cheat myself on this one.

Tex said...

Tex and Chris Jacobs


Dubbs said...

Did yesterday's in 24:00 as RX'd

Zachary said...

I'm going to guess about 33 minutes.

CPR said...

Bryan and Jared:

30 min 3 sec.

Jared, you owe me a 1/2 mile. . .

kseki said...

54: and change. Decided to do this one alone. Actually convinced about 3 others to do the same. Pukie came to visit on the final mile. What a great time.

Jimmy said...

I just realized that I should of noted that I did this by myself

BAMA said...

did not keep track of time...about 16 min for the run, so I would venture to say it was about 30 min total.