Saturday 1/9/10 - Sunday 1/10/10

Rest days.


Mac said...

Brought back a blast from 22 April: 21-15-9 double unders, 45lb thrusters, ring dips, 45lb cleans, 95lb deadlifts. 9:53, which was a PR by 1:25.
Happy Saturday.

Dubbs said...

Because I missed the last two days with a cold...

From the Crossfit Endurance web site:

Warm-up: "OPT's Flight Simulator" (JWhips...check that out) up through 20 only

Death by push-up: 2 PU first minute, 4 second minute... (2 PU shy of 11 rounds)

Death by pull-up and sit-up: 1 PU/1 SU first minute, 2 PU/2 SU second minute... (1 SU shy of 11 rounds)

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Did Fran from the main site today. Finally broke 4 minutes, 3:59(PR).