Thursday 1/28/10

We'll need some help from everyone for this WOD. If you have a jump rope and /or a set of rings, please bring them with you. We are limited on both. We might not have enough jump ropes, but don't worry, you can always sub tuck jumps for the double unders.

For time:

50 x double unders
10 x muscle ups
40 x double unders
8 x muscle ups
30 x double unders
6 x muscle ups
20 x double unders
4 x muscle ups
10 x double unders
2 x muscle ups

Post time to comments.


"Alex" not "Andy" said...


Had 2 PRs this morning. I was able to string 3 muscle ups together on the first set. After I finished the WOD I did another set of DUs and got 51 in a row. I think if my arms hadn't been so tired from the WOD I could have gotten about 70.

This was one of the few mornings I left the gym happy.

JWM said...

About 16 minutes

Had to sub some ring pull-ups and dips in the last two sets because my MUs fell apart. DUs are coming along thought.

Missed the bigger crowd this morning. Remember, it takes time to develop the muscle up but it takes a lot longer if you are not there to try it!

Mark R said...

9:55 as rx'd

Great effort by everyone - MU's are very frustrating but very satisfying once you get it. Try working double unders into your warm up. A couple weeks and you'll have them.

JWhips said...

9:31... I got through the first 10 MUs OK, but after that they became jumping muscle ups. I still got smoked though.

A huge load was taken off of my shoulders this morning. I have been wondering for a long time now who would participate in the pairs jump rope event at the next Black and Blue Games, but after this morning I no longer have to worry. Thanks for taking care of this for me.

Bob said...

This WOD should be named "Two Goats"


Really what this means is that I spent about 15 mins trying to do DUs and MUs. Subed tuck jumps and jumping MU to keep up the pace.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

9:50 used tuck jumps

Maybe someday I will get DUs. Even though there weren’t as many people as usually, it was great to see so many ninjas this morning.

For the people that hang rings outside their house, they would have been impressed.

kseki said...

Wow, what a frustrating workout! I can barely do single unders and a muscle up looks like something I saw on the olympics when I was a kid. Didn't time today, just worked on technique. Thank you NM and MarkR for the jump ropes. The 7AM crew appreciated it.

Sodak said...

Not exactly sure, but I did do ten rounds of something... A little jump roping, some technique work on the MUs and some perfecting the pairs jump rope exercise. Watch out World. Glad I could alleviate some worry in your life Jwhips. Anything I can do to make your life easier.
Missed everyone the last few days. Great to be back.

Gregg said...

22:37, I had to go assisted on the last muscle up, I want to get MAJ Richard's standard of MU adn MAJ Whipple's stnadard of DU... I felt like an uncoordinated person on drugs

SB said...


did 36" box jumps and MUs as rx'd. Started at 25 box jumps and went down by 5 from there.

NM said...


Shout out to all who showed up this morning! Great job of facing two of the tougher events we do and gettin after it.

"Alex" not "Andy", for the record, I have gone over a week without jacking up your name...just sayin'.

Tex said...

14:21 with tuck jumps

I realized today that I haven't been putting the time into the gymnastics events that I need to.

Jimmy said...

15.05 running back and forth between two rooms. It let me catch my breath though.
- positioned rings about an inch below the top of my head. Needed a jump to get up for each one. Great WOD! High intensity smoker.

SM said...


Only did the set of 8 muscle ups off the ground, did the rest from a hang. My DU's are getting worse. Need to do WODs in the morning or I get some poor results.

Chris said...

14:30. self-assisted through MU transition. Realized that my DU time would be a lot shorter just alternating DU and single unders, versus trying to do DUs straight through, given the number of times that the DUs sets get broken.

BAMA said...

Worked on form with MUs. From DUs my arm looks like a zebra according to SODAK.

I'm really excited about this pairs jumpe rope event. I think double unders backwards with a partner is in the mix for a WOD.

Get pumped!

Phil said...


First 50 were DUs but I couldn't string many together so I went to tuck jumps for the rest. Also did jumping MU. Worked on DU and HSPU after the WOD.