Thursday 1/14/10

Ground To Overhead
Since this is MAJ Blackmon's last day with B&G CF, we thought he could go out in style. This is his wheelhouse WOD. If you have ever been a part of B&G CF, come say good by to MAJ Blackmon.

For time:
Get weight from ground to overhead any way that you choose (clean and jerk, snatch, etc...).
Pick your weight and reps from the list below.

Advanced: 7000lbs
155lbs x 46 reps

Intermediate: 5000lbs

Beginner: 3000lbs

Comepare to 6/26/09

Post total weight, time, and rep scheme to comments.


AJ said...

94 reps at 75#

MikeRothen said...

94 reps of 75lbs

Goodbye MAJ Blackmon. Really enjoyed your presence, teaching and the effort you put into the program. Show those Navy guys how to workout. I Look forward to seeing you in the future.

Nick B said...

135#/ 52 reps
good w/o

MAJ B- good luck and look forward to running into you down the road.
will be in touch.
Thanks for everything.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

94 reps at 75 lbs

MAJ Blackmon it has been a blast. See you down the road. For now, I have on last thing to say.


SB said...

13:45 PR took 6:00 off my previous time from June09. I think the energy from the morning group spawned the drastic improvement. definitely had effects on target...keep it real in RI...will be in touch man.

Bob said...

Tried to muscle snatch them all. The last few were more muscle and less snatch. Good WOD.

DB hope to see you again.

Jimmy said...

12:52, intermediate

Gregg said...

94 reps at 75#

Thanks sir, see you out there.

Bobby said...
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Zachary said...

94 at 75lb


Alternated sets of 15 with a partner, but that probably helped keep a steady pace instead of slow me down

Njc said...

47 reps at 65#

First time doing this workout, and i enjoyed it and learned a lot I think.

Good luck MAJ B

Bobby said...

7:40, 52@135#. A little worse than I expected, my Grace is around 3:30 so I was expecting around a 7 minute time.

Would I have had a faster time if I did less weight, but more reps? It's still the same amount of work, but which is more powerful?

Thanks for everything, MAJ Blackmon.

LDO said...

thanks for all you've done for the Cross Fit Community here at West Point. You will be missed.
where will you be posting?

kseki said...


Crossfit week 2, 1st post. Was going to do intermediate or beginner but gotta fuzzy eyeball from Mac. Thanks for the push. Still working basics but am now a crossfit believer. Good luck Major Blackmon.

Mac said...

10:02, 7000lbs.
DB, thanks for all you've done for B&G Crossfit, the cadets, and me. You have helped influence a lot of people who will influence countless others in years to come. See you down range.

SM said...
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SM said...


74 reps at 95#

NM said...

In honor of MAJ Blackmon and the exercise that he continually destroyed me with the last couple years, today I worked on my biggest goat, HSPUs. For time, 10, 9,...1 of HSPUs with 15x DUs between each set (13:09). HSPUs became static handstands after awhile (ok, after the second set), but who's counting?! Can't wait to be back with the morning crew next week.

DB, the brotherhood and competition that we have shared over the last couple years has been one of the biggest highlights of my experience at WP. Thanks for all you've done for me and B&G...hope to visit you at CF Blackmon's Big Box Gym someday...see you back out in the fight...

Tex said...

92 reps @ 75# (I missed 2 reps)

I gave blood less than 12 hours before this workout and my primary goal was to not pass out. I actually managed to set a 4minute PR.

Goodbye, MAJ Blackmon. I can't thank you enough for all the times that you pushed me, gave me form tips or simply said, "don't bull sh*t me."

JWM said...

10:33 as Rx'd
94 reps at 75#

About a minute slower than I wanted but a PR since the last time we did this I only moved about 3000#.

DB, thanks for making an awesome program. You made a tremendous impact on cadets and old men like me as well!

Maj said...

74 reps at 95lbs: 14:09
This was a good workout for me to practice my snatches.

Thanks MAJ B for inspiring us all and starting something that has turned into a passion for me-CrossFit. Good luck!

JWhips said...

7:26 (PR by over a minute from June)
75lbs / 94 reps

DB - thanks for getting this thing going and for running B&G CF. Without it, I'd still be that fat engineering teacher. Good luck with the Navy folks, and send pictures of the Blackmon Big Box Gym. I'll see you out there.

BAMA said...


91 reps at 55#

Thanks for the encouragement SODAK...and the help counting (rock math!)

MAJ Blackmon,
We will start a fan club and come visit you when you get settled in. I figured we could identify your house by the gym rings in your front yard.

Kyle said...

13:10 94 reps of 75lbs

Dubbs said...

Sorry I missed it this morning. Good luck and safe travels.

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

7000lbs--75lbs x 94 reps.

I can never thank you all enough for the picture. I will proudly hang that for the time being in Blackmon's Garage CrossFit Box of Pain but rest assured it will eventually go in my office in a place of great pride.

As I mentioned this morning but I cannot say enough, of all of the things that I was been a part of, B&G CF was my favorite. You guys getting up at 0530 every morning to workout and still manage all of the other things you do should be an inspiration to everyone. I thank you for letting me be a part of it.

NM, my running (not handstand) buddy, thank you for the constant push, I will miss it. Mark, JWhip, JJ, and all of you cadets I know are going to make this thing better and better than MAJ Maxwell, MAJ Wylie or I ever pictured.

I'll be checking back pretty often and posting on occasion. If you ever need me hit me up on AKO at or maybe for you cadets, I am on Facebook.

Gonna go set up my 5 cameras now and put on some board shorts, 3, 2, 1...GO!!!

CM said...

94 reps of 75lb