Friday 6/26/09

Ryan Wylie's Last Day

We want to send MAJ Ryan Wylie, one of the charter members of B & G CF, on his way to ILE the right way. So today, we will do one of the qualifier workouts.

For time.

7000lb overhead. (Men)

Barbell must travel from the ground overhead in any way. (Clean and jerk, clean and push, snatch, etc...)

Choose the weight and stick with it. Here are the options.

155lb x 46 reps
135lb x 52 reps
95lb x 74 reps
75lb x 94 reps

5000lb overhead. (Women)

Same standard as the men. Here are the women's options.

100lb x 50 reps
85lb x 59 reps
65lb x 77 reps
55lb x 91 reps

Post time to comments.


Mac said...

Catching up on yesterday's WOD...205 lbs, 5 rds+5 DL's.

Mark R said...

75# for 94 reps = ouch (13:37)

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

50# x 100 reps = 14:52

SB said...

75# for 94reps = 19:03

ok...THS at its best! was reduced to breaking it up into sets of 5. I also lost count so i may have done 10 more that i should have.
Mark...that was a good time man.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

7:00 with 94 reps of 75lb.
This was a lot of fun. Would be interested in how my time would differ with 95lb.

RW said...

30 x 135
40 x 75

I appreciate the send off this morning....
I need to give a big shout out to my workout buddies DB and NM. If someone were to ask me, "so what are your long term CF goals? What motivates you to workout so hard that you almost pass out? What are you working towards?" My answer for last 2 years would have been,"To beat DB or NM TODAY. To lift more TODAY than I did last time." Thanks fellas for the daily motivation!!!

NM said...

75# for 94 reps

To dovetail off of RW (and at the risk of becoming too sentimental), I think my favorite part about B&G and CF in general is the camaraderie within the organization...I will always come back for more knowing there will be the crew there to suck it down with me.

RW, thanks for getting me hooked on CF and all the coaching along the way. Reference your message, I can only think of about 2 or 3 times that I ever beat you so I've got some work to do. My favorite was Kelly this past winter...I was about to throw up the last two rounds but kept going cause I wanted to beat you. Thanks for the push...

C V said...

Thanks for the coaching MAJ Wylie!

Tex said...

75# 94 reps: 13:17

I was amazed that the power snatch was the easiest motion for this WOD...

MAJ Wylie, thanks for all of the coaching and encouragement over the past ~7 months! We owe you a lot.

Anonymous said...