Wednesday 7/1/09

Tabata Something Else

8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for each of the following exercises:

Pull ups
Push ups
Sit ups

The lowest number of reps completed in any given round is your score for that exercise. Total score is the total of the lowest number of reps for each exercise.

Post total to comments.


Mac said...

Did Last Ascent from last week, as RX'd=5:59.

Tex said...

Total: 31

Did GHD situps

Mark R said...

Total = 35 (6, 7, 10, 12)
Did AbMat sit-ups

Awesome "group suck" this morning!!

Sarah said...

Total = 38 (4,8,12,14)

Assisted pull-ups w/ green band

Sam said...

Although I'm still a novice, I figured if I want to be a real crossfitter I probably need to start posting online like a real crossfitter.

Also, I'd like to take a moment and say thanks to all whom I have met for welcoming me so graciously each morning into your house of pain.

Today's total: 37 (3,7,12,15) Need to work on my pullups and pushups-very rough.

Paul said...

Total: 27
(0, 5, 10, 12)
Need to work on pull ups.
Ditto on "group suck". Thanks.

SB said...

Total = 38 (6,8,11,13)
need to work on my squats

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Tabata is a mean SOB! The first number is what I thought going in would be a good goal. I was able to maintain it until round 7 of each exercise then I dropped off EVERY time. Damn you round 7 and 8!

Pull ups: Goal-11 actual-9
Push ups: Goal-15 actual-13
Sit ups: Goal-14 actual-12
Squats: Goal-20 actual-19


I did the squats on a ball for the last 5 rounds. I wanted to make sure I was getting good depth but I believe it actually probably made it a little easier because it allowed me to bounce a little at the bottom but it still sucked. Oh yeah...feet anchored sit ups.

Sammy--Good to have you on board.

NM said...

Total= 49 (7, 15, 13, 14)

Did feet anchored sit-ups.

Kings said...

Total: 42 (5, 7, 12, 18)

Feet anchored sit-ups & used medicine ball for squat depth.

Thanks for the push, SB.

CMCD said...

B&G CF (or anyone) - do you do 8 rounds of pull-ups then 8 rounds of push-ups, 8 rounds of sit ups, 8 rounds of squats or is it "1 x pull up, 1 x push up, 1 x sit up, 1 x squat" x 8? Thanks!

SB said...

it's 8 rnds of pullups, then 8 rnds of push ups and so on.

Stroh's Lite said...

Total: 35

(9, 7, 5ghd, 14)

Felt great on Pullups, a new PR.

GHD situps were simply a bad, bad idea... thanks Tex. Every breath is painful now.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even come close to counting. Without the big red clock in the BandG crossfit room I was toast. But if I had to estimate, I would say 30. Pullups were horrendous on the below average Camp Natural Bridge pull up bar.