Tuesday 6/16/09


For time.

3 rounds of:

Run 800m
50 x Back extension
50 x Sit up

Post time to comments.

Compare to 12/23/09

If doing this at Arvin, the 800m route will be from the '62 room out the front and around the Supe's and Com's house 2 times and back into the '62 room. Back extensions can be done on the glute/ham developer (GHD) or good mornings with a 45lb bar.


Mark R said...

21:35 as rx'd. This workout is in honor of Navy Lt Michael McGreevy (http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/000847.html)

After going to the Nutrition Cert this past weekend I'm thinking about posting a Nutrition Tip/Factoid up here every couple days to discuss various things that we may not know or think about when it comes to our nutrition. I will make it as interesting as possible but if not doing anything for anyone please be sure to tell me to shut my pie hole.

Today's Tip - just as overexposure to the SUN leads to SUN BURN which will result in SKIN DISEASE after long periods of time, the same is true for food. Too many CARBS will lead to HYPERINSULINIMEA which will lead to DISEASES.

If you give a crap about enjoying a healthy and active life you need to read the free CFJ #15 (http://journal.crossfit.com/2003/11/cfj-issue-15-nutrition-avoidin.tpl)

Tex said...

21:59 as rx'd

Mac said...

18:45 over the very rolling terrain out here at Buckner. My thanks to the LMTV driver to motivated me to ever increasing speeds during his attempt to crunch me under his tires.

Mac said...

Another note...Michael done with GHD sittups (as RX'd) are significantly more difficult than regular sittups, which is what I did. Probably good to take note of when recording your time.

SB said...

21:38 as rx'd
damn...my posterior chain was screaming! good wod!
Need another FMP out at Bucknam.
I will be getting about 5x 20ft ropes in the next couple days...they are the old ropes that got changed out in hayes. Plan to put one or two in 62 room to be used for pulling or etc. Dont have a plan for the others as of yet?

NM said...

21:40 as rx'd

DanH said...

19:50 - SU on floor with feet anchored, back ext on GHD

bowmansr said...


Back extensions on the incline - not sure if that is the GHD or the one that has you sitting flat both are in the 62 room.

Situps with dumbells on feet.

Gate guard looking at me funny after running by him 6 times.

C V said...

I would love to hear some stuff from the nutrition cert.
I've been following mostly CFE and working with CF Plano while I've been home.

Really been working on correcting the small things (and some large things) with my form.

Had to take a week off after I pulled a muscle in my back. I wanted to improve my flexibility so I started stretching more. Only, I pulled the muscle when I was stretching... Damn.

dkeys said...

16:37...had to use a picnic table for back extensions so I couldn't get full range of motion unless I wanted to leave a face print in the ground...I wouldn't mind hearing some of the info on nutrition, I know my take on nutrition is terrible...

Dubbs said...


Did it outside on a track.

Sub'd pushups for back ext.

Sodak said...

25:28. Ouch, this was a good one. I think I was amusing the people at the front desk because I mumbled a "hi" each time I passed.
I would also love the nutrition facts.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...


Did a mixture of GHD back extentions and regular. Not sure which was harder but my hamstrings are tight.

Good workout. I agree on the nutrition tips. Let's see more.

upty03 said...

10, 9.....2, 1 of:

135# HPC
45# OHS

Each round had 10 sit-ups

Refused to do Michael at MWR...didn't want to go to Arvin b/c I dislike Traci...what?

Anonymous said...

23:40 as rx'd