Wednesday 6/24/09

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes of:

15 x Bodyweight dead lift
9 x Pull up
21 x 45lb Push press

Post number of rounds to comments.


Mark R said...

3 sets + 10 DL's (with a lot of motivation from NM!!)

Recommend you read this short article from CFE about military programming when it comes to running:

Black and Gold CrossFit said...


6 rounds. Shoulders were really tired by the end of this one.

This was a workout designed to keep you moving for 10 straight minutes. The weight should be light enough that you don't put it down for any extended period time.

Great group this morning.

NM said...

4 rds + DLs + PUs + 12PP

Disappointed with my effort this morning...was not mentally into it.

Can't wait to go again tomorrow AM.

Jimmy said...

2 1/3 rounds. DLs did me in. Had to Rx to 181# from 201# after first round.
HR avg 150, peak of 167.
Did another 100 min AMRAP after were I sub'd DL for knees to elbows and was able to peak my HR at 181. Need a lot of work on peaking in my 10 min AMRAP.

SB said...

Good FMP/wod this morning out at Bucknam parade field with Mac. Here goes:

3 rnds for time:

start pt: 10x 36" box jumps (used bolder at entrance to parade field)
200m run
1x rope ascent
Burpee broad jumps (20yds)
weave thru dip bars
10x pullups
10x burpees
1x rope pull (used wooden pallet)
1x buddy carry backwards pull (used wooden pallet)
21-15-9 45lbs bar overhead anyway
300m run uphill towards o-course
400m run back to start

Time: 31:55

we believe it had the right mix for a pretty good FMP. The last hill up to o-course was a gut check each time. Will do up a FMP outline and hopefully we can maybe hit it next week depending on what is good with everyone.
DB-- i almost put duck walks in it, but Mac stopped me.

DanH said...

BW and DL - 147

4 rnds + DLs

dkeys said...

3 sets + 4 DL's...need to find a battle to do these with...tired of getting beat my the old TAC

Tex said...

3 sets + 15DL + 2 Pull-ups

I really was not into things this morning. My bro is finally home tomorrow! Workout buddy!

Dubbs said...

BW 175

4 rounds + 5 DLs

Mac said...

Did the FMP with SB...31:37. And it was a gut check. Looking forward to expanding the number of folks going through it, and doing it again next week. It's another great example to current/future PLs of the types of PT you can incorporate, and I wish I had known better way back when.

As for the duck walks...I'm sure we can find a place for them!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

No duck walks while I still have any say! Just want to put that out there now. No way you will ever convince me that it is a functional movement.

adambo33 said...

Just 10 push presses short of 4 rounds. Painful.