Saturday 6/6/09 - Sunday 6/7/09

Rest Days.

Remember that Saturday is the 65th Anniversary of D-Day. For those who want to do a workout in honor of that, you can try OPERATION OVERLORD Full Mission Profile from 4/17/09.


Tex said...

I couldn't find anyone else to do the WOD with me so I had to sub my best new buddy the 100lb combatives dummy for the buddy carries. I carried him 2 lengths of the N->S hallway and did 20 squats with him on my back.

Total time was 23:48. This one really hurts when there is no one to push you.

SB said...

great pic from Camp Blessing, AF on CF main site page for tomorrow. I believe they are trying to start an affiliate there.......Increased WC across broad time/domains = bad news for AQ/TB.....enough said!