Wednesday 6/3/09


For time.

3 rounds of:

400m run
21 x Kettle bell swing (53/35)
12 x Pull up

Post time to comments.

For those who are working out with the 0530 crew, we will meet at the Stony II Track. If you have a Kettle bell bring it.


Mark R said...

Subed 400m run with 500m row
Ran out of gas on the third set

RW said...


Did the run on the 400m track up at Stony II. DB and I decided it was probably a little short if you just ran the track so we added about 30 m to the course.

SB said...

9:09 (PR) increased by 1:20 since SEP08.
Did WOD with Kingsley in Arvin...used the gym loop (1st to 3rd floor).
worked on KB swing form afterwards and also some snatch work.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...


Great workout...first time doing this one outside in a while. Good workout. Enjoyed having some other folks out there this morning. Good work Chris and Keith! Keep it up.

dan09 said...


Did this WOD with strict, deadhang pull ups because the only bar that's close to the track is against a wall. PR w/ a kip is 9:00.

Kings said...


Did Gym Loops for the 400m run. SB was moving out. Would like to have seen his time on flat ground.

bowmansr said...

Ran the gym loop followed workout with some time in the sauna

upty03 said...

10:12 using gym loop (pr)

Griff said...


It might have been slightly shorter on the run b/c I ran in my neighborhood instead of going to the track

Tex said...


This was the first easy day of combatives where I felt that I could workout afterward.

Did this one with the gym loops. I feel that I would have done better if I had not just finished 7 hours of combatives training.

dkeys said...

Followed Mountain Athlete today...finally made some headway in finding a decent gym...

1) 4 rounds--rx'd 8
8x Deadlift-maxed at 185
30 sec Plank Walk

2) 4 rounds--rx'd 8
8x Push Press-maxed at 105
5x Clapping Push-ups
5x Ankles to the Bar

Serious THS but wanted to scale rounds in order to keep intensity and not hurt myself. Really missing the 0530 crew from the Point.

Mac said...

9:25, with the gym loop.

Volk said...

Finally found a gym to do some of these workouts at...had a rough one today...10:10 as rx'd