Saturday 6/13/09 - Sunday 6/14/09

Rest Days.

For those of you who have not seen it yet here is the link to the Black and Gold CrossFit Journal video article.

Black and Gold CrossFit Journal


Mac said...

Did yesterday's workout with 135 lbs (and the unsolicited advice was forearms are screeming), and added 1.5 miles both before and after the WOD for extra joy.

Great video with moviestar Dan, and Shawn "the strong silent type" in the background!

SB said...

Thanks...I provided Dan moral support. I am actually up for Best Supporting Actor.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Shawn is a great supporting actor. I believe he is absolutely in the running for that. I have been asked by the West Point historical society to do a full up documentary on West Point and how it got started based on my opening monologue.

Started yesterday's workout but had to leave early to get to DMI PT. Spent the day out at the Fire Support site and when I got home I had my new Rouge weightlifting shoes waiting for me so I decided to go back and give Gwen another try today. Based on yesterday and MAJ Wylie's comments I decided to try it with 145lb.

Completed as Rx'd at 145lb, almost puked my guts up and nearly crashed my truck on the way home because I could not hold the steering wheel. Thanks to SB for the final push on the round of 9.

RW...not sure how Grace would look now, I definately think it would be faster, but believe we have been cheating it a bit because we did not do squat cleans.