Thursday 6/25/09

Last Ascent

For time.

5-10-15 reps of:

225lb Back squat
24" Box jump

Post time to comments.


SB said...

All...Check out the latest article on the CF Journal concerning a better PT test for military.

Mark R said...

5:29 @ 155# - definitely no where near 225#

Nutrition Tip:
Post Workout Nutrition – eat 15-30 minutes after your workout and have 50% of your daily carbs following your workout. Spread the other 50% throughout the rest of your meals. Avoid fat after workout because it speeds the insertion of nutrients into the muscles.

Mark R said...

I'm looking into how MRE's factor into the nutritional world....

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

7:17 @ 205# Back squat. Back squat is one of my HUGE goats. I scaled to maintain intensity and keep good form.

NM said...

9:52 as rx'd. My legs are toast right now...thanks for the encouragement from the crew this AM...would still be on that last set without it.

SB said...

4:57 @ 135lbs
Not even close to rx'd, however based on the last time we did this in Sep08....i increased my work capacity by over 3:00 plus i only was doing 95lbs back then. Next time...will increase my weight some more.

DanH said...

rx'd - 9:31

Jimmy said...

I did the regular workout today to try to save my legs for this weekend.
6 2/3 rounds
avg hr: 167
peak: 186
I think I was hallucinating at the end I was so smoked.

Anonymous said...

5:22 @ 185lbs WITHOUT a spotter....I don't recommend. I might have been able to get 205, but I think 5:22 was a good time. Who knew how high 24 inches could be?

Tex said...

Had no weights so I had to put my brother (165#)in a fireman's carry for the squats. Box jumps were ~30.


MREs are awful from the nutritional standpoint. So many trans-fats. I think that most of those come from partially-hydrogenated oils which act as preservatives.