Monday 1/4/10

Welcome back to all!!! Hopefully everyone had a great break.

This WOD should be a great way to jump start yourselves back into CrossFit mode. It was taken from a challenge CrossFit Evolution held back in November called the Iron Curtain CrossFit Challenge.
For those of you that are new to CrossFit, plan on doing the substitute exercises.

For time:
10 x overhead squat (95/65) [sub 1 minute static hand stand, up time only]
20 x squat clean (95/65) [sub 20 x squat jumps]
30 x push press/push jerk (95/65) [sub 30 x pike push-ups]
40 x pull-ups [sub 40 x jumping pull-ups]
50 x wall ball shot (20lb / 14lb)
60 x double under [sub 50 x tuck jumps]
70 x sit-ups (Abmat or unanchored)
800m run (2 x gym loops)

Post time to comments.


Dubbs said...

24:09 as RX'd

Gregg said...

25:31 as Rx'd

Sodak said...

24:29 as Rx'd.
I dont even have anything to say, which is strange for me..

Mark R said...

Scaled Push Press to 65#
While taking a week off is good for recovery and injury prevention, it's always a brutal and demoralizing re-entry.

Great to see everyone there this morning....except where was Zach March and Mike Rothenburger???

JWhips said...

18:33 scaled
Had to use 75lb for OHS and PP. 95lb is a little much for the shoulder still. It's getting there though.

MikeRothen said...

haha, dang, and I thought I would'nt be misssed. I went in at about 0800 to do it.

26:20 with a 30lb overhead squat due to my shoulder weakness. A definite smoker. I felt like i forgot how to run on the two gym loops because of exhaustion.
Feels good to get back into the routine.

Anonymous said...

19:18. Definitely feeling my lack of work over the holidays. Thanks for bringing this one on a Monday!

Bob said...

25 & Change
Subbed Jumping PU and Tuck Jumps.

Good start to the new year.

NM said...

16:27 as Rx'd.

SM, AJ, and Body(InProgress)ByBGCF noticeably absent. Don't make me come to your room each morning-just ask Jon Lanier...

Maj said...

22:36 rx'd
Good wod

AJ said...

21:39 as Rx'd

SM said...

18:52 as Rx'd

Missed this morning due to change of command ceremony. Made it up with AJ this afternoon.

Paul Mary said...


scaled down heavily by subbing in jump squats, pike pushups, and single unders

Jimmy said...

28.15 rx'd.

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

18:50 with an 800m row instead of gym loops. Felt a little puke in my throat at the wall balls that almost came flying out on the sit ups. Good WOD! Look forward to getting back with the morning crew.

SB said...

25:48 scaled to 75lbs. Paid for it dearly about shocking the body.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

21:52 Scaled

45 lbs OHS
65 for the rest
Tuck Jumps

All I can say is ouch.

Tex said...

21:33 with tuck jumps subbed for DUs