Tuesday 1/26/10

Chasing Diane

This is a twist to an old favorite.

For time:
21 - 15 - 9 rep rounds of:
dead lift (225 / 155)
hand stand push up
gym loop (400m run)

Post time to comments.

Intensity = Results


JWhips said...
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Dubbs said...

15:24 as RX'd

SM said...

10:07 as Rx'd with a modified gym loop.

JWhips said...
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JWhips said...

11:13... I scaled the HSPU range of motion by placing 2 x 10lb weights under my head. Next time I'll go for 1 plate.

Zach, I'm glad to see that you didn't waste the gym loop opportunity. Good job going with no bands.

Sorry about the gym loop confusion this morning. Hopefully they'll plug the holes in Arvin so it won't leak anymore.

JWM said...

12:42 with bands on all HSPUs

Nick B said...

13:15 with bands


Link to the north Face endurance challenge at Bear Mtn

Joe said...

FYI, for those XFitters looking for VibramFiveFingers the Outfitters on Main Str in Cold Spring recently got their winter shipment of VFFs. They rock a 10% discount for cadets, too.

Maj said...

14:35 rx'd

kseki said...

14:30 with bands on all HSPUs. Scaled DL's to 185.

Stroh's Lite said...

Saw A LOT of of people posting about torn hands from yesterday.

Just as our departed Sensei MAJ D. Blackmon noted "ripping your hands to shreds is worse than stopping the WOD mid way when a tear starts..."

I started shaving/sanding down callused hands and then taping for almost every WOD and haven't had a rip/torn callus in months. Simply put- tape works!! It's just good preventive maintenance and it takes jut a few moments during warm up.

For an easy start, see this simple to follow post on taping:


If gymnasts do it daily, it can't hurt for a CrossFit athlete to do it whenever your going to the bar or rings (pull-ups, O-lifts, or even K-bells)

MAJ Bault or I (and probably many others) can also give instruction on taping.


Anonymous said...

8:15 (w/ blue bands). I still like the intensity and range of motion I get with the bands, but will try this without next time.

SB said...

17:17 scaled to 185 and did 95lbs shoulder press in lieu of HSPUs.

sdc said...

205 DL
and sub'd 75 lb press for hspu and added GHD situps

Njc said...

13:42 with bands

Chris said...

11:10. Used bands and scaled 185# - lower back is still on the mend.

CPR said...

13.47 with the bands

Finally managed to get into the handstand push-up position without someone assisting me-then went to Military movement today to "learn" how to do a handstand- thank you crossfit for teaching me the handstand position exactly 1.5 hrs before actually having to do it in class. I almost got the free standing handstand but wiped out instead.

Bob said...

14:00 with bands and standard Gym loop.

Jimmy said...

did Diane: 9.32; scaled DL to 185#
finished with 2 mile hill workout.

Tex said...

Bouldered for ~2 hours then did the WOD as rx'd


major limiting factors were the lack of skin on my hands and major THS.

Anonymous said...

Didn't do the WOD this morning. My shoulder's been bothering me for the past couple weeks and yesterday's WOD killed it. I went to the PT clinic in Arvin and found out that I have bicep tendonitis in my right shoulder probably caused by overdeveloped anterior delts from going overhead a lot. The doc said that I can still workout, but it'll just hurt.

Did yesterday's main site WOD: 5 rounds of 500m row, 7x 135# thrusters. 14:35.

Phil said...


I should have used bands on the HSPU, I wasn't getting full range of motion.