Friday 7/3/09

Fight Gone Bad (FGB)

For reps/calories.

3 rounds of 1 minute each of the following exercises:

Wall ball at 10ft target (20lb for men/12lb for women)
Sumo dead lift high pull (75lb/45lb)
20" Box jump
Push press (75lb/45lb)
Row for calories

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Add total number of reps/calories for each round and post to comments.

Compare to 2/25/09


Tex said...

If anyone would be willing to count/coach for me in the early afternoon at Arvin, I would greatly appreciate the help. We have to teach a Buckner company tomorrow morning and I will not be able to make the regular time.


C V said...

Ahhhh, Snap!! FGB!

Mark R said...

108+89+88 = 285

Don't worry - we won't destroy legs as much next week. But what a great week it was.

Nutrition Tip:
Help CBT Cadre understand why NC’s can only take small bites and chew 5-7 times. Eating your food slowly and in small portions is important for optimum nutrient absorption. Optimum nutrient absorption is critical for energy and muscle recovery after workouts. Therefore, it’s not just to teach good table manners but a practical application to something else we do at West Point.

Paul said...

69+65+62 = 196

Kings said...

135-100-95 = 330(PR)

Always a good day for a FGB!!

Jimmy said...

41 Calories on Rower
HR avg: 157
Peak HR: 178

SB said...

103+88+84 = 275 (PR) increased my WC by 49 since Feb.....measurable, observable, and repeatable results! Kings...thanks for the push....wish we could have done it with the rest of the crew.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

329(PR) Had a little THS this morning even though I PR'd. Not sure why...could it be that my legs feel like someone is stabbing them with a knitting needle? Much needed rest coming. Good week. Happy 4th all!

NM said...

120+118+107= 345.

Great legs are rocked as well, DB.

Thanks to all our Soldiers serving overseas this 4th...see you guys on Monday.

Sarah said...

113+100+109 = 322

As Rx'd for women

Tex said...


I could barely talk for the next 5 minutes...destroyed...

Sam said...


Okay for my first try I think. Gotta work on the push press and shoulder strength in general I think.