Saturday 7/11/09 - Sunday 7/12/09

Rest Days.

Keep track of the CrossFit Games going on this weekend. 8 workouts in 24 hours, look for some of them to pop up in our programming soon.


Mac said...

8:55 - 21,15,9 135lb squat cleans and ring dips. Making up from last week, and this was a great WOD.

Now it's off to ITP for several days, so maybe I can find a tree to hand my rings from...

adambo33 said...

Did the football max from Friday....

Bench: 215
Squat: 275
Power Clean: 185
Dead-lift: 315

Squat was better than anticipated and so was bench, but clean and dead lift I think need some work. I at least have a framework that I can judge myself by in the future. Also, ITP has left me not as much time to cross fit and I'm nowhere near 100% when I actually do. So, the next at home doing cross fit should help my numbers.