Saturday 7/4/09 - Sunday 7/5/09

Rest Days
Go enjoy some fireworks but don't forget about our Soldiers serving in harms way on this holiday. Just as important, remember the families that are having to celebrate the 4th without their loved ones.

God Bless America!


Mac said...

Did Tabata Something Else from several days ago (trying to keep up with the CFT schedule), and mentally preparing myself for hotdogs, hamburgers, beer, watermelon, beer...
Total=55 (8 Pullups, 14 Pushups, 15 anchored SUs, 18 squats).

Enjoy the weekend, and God Bless America.

Tex said...

did 'Badger' from the main site today: 37:23

I am ready for some Cheesecake Factory, a movie and fireworks!

Jimmy said...

Tabata MU; had to sub DB swings for Pull Ups due to lack of bar:
DB Swings (52.5#): 8
PU: 8
SU: 10 (incline; no anchor)
SQ: 13
total: 39
Surprisingly, HR avg was not as high as I thought it would have been.
avg hr: 135
peak hr: 167

Jimmy said...

Made up Thruster for weight WOD today.
5x1: 115
3x2: 135
2x3: 155
1: 165
1: 175
1: 185
1: 200(f)

Anonymous said...

Did Fight Gone Bad subbing burpies for rowers and 35# thrusters for wall balls. Had no clue how many reps...but it was good and tough.