Tuesday 7/7/09

For time.

Weighted run.

The route will be from the front of Arvin take a right, go around the Supe and Com's house then take the left by the Catholic Chapel. End point is the entrance to Stony 1. The timed event is from Arvin to Stony. The route back is a cool down. The total mileage to the top is around 1 1/2 miles. Bring your IBA or a back pack to carry weight. The intent of this run is to push it all the way up as if assaulting an objective on top of a hill. Running downhill with weight can be more harmful than beneficial so do so cautiously.

Post time to comments.


SB said...

Check out the main site....yet another Boz and Todd episode highlighting WP. OK...DB...i guess they still had some more stock footage left.

Tex said...


I wore a medium IBA (5-7lbs) + 2x 10lb plates

Mark R said...

16:32 (20#)

In preparation for tomorrow's WOD - if you have a jump rope, please bring. Most of the ones we have are NMC. Thx

Sarah said...

15:30 (20#)

SB said...

Chose to deviate from today's WOD due to my ability group run I did during CBT1 PT this morning.

Did Nancy with a couple of the guys.
5 Rnds for time
400m run (Supe's loop)
15x 95lbs OHS (scaled to 65lbs)

Time: 17:20

oh yeah...2x softball games tonight

Sam said...

17:30 today with about 20 lbs.

Mac said...

Did Nancy with SB this morning...16:08. Great work from all there, and a good smoker. I'm thinking that run is more like 450-500m, with a lot of turns.

Kings said...

Did Nancy with SB, Mac, & Brian. Good workout. The loops are definitely closer to 500M.

15:50 using rx weight.

Good work by all.

NM said...


Wore an asslt pack with 25lbs worth of plates...a great suck session with the group this AM.

DanH said...

Not sure of the mileage, but ran for about 16 min w/ 20# weight vest to try to replicate the rx'd run. Terrain was hilly, but not quite as steep as the road to Stony.