Tuesday 7/21/09

For weight.


1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1

Post load to comments.

Compare to 5/26/09.


Mark R said...


Dubbs said...

Got 125 overhead, but was more of a power snatch.

Best full snatch was 115.

Thanks to those who gave me some AI.

Jason said...

Not sure where my 7x1 started, but I ened at 140#. Getting the weight over head wasn't the issue, it is my lack of OHS ability. I guess I know what I need to work on.

JJ said...

five freaking pounds...

SB said...

105 lbs tied my PR. tried 115, but wasnt happening...THS may have crept in by then.

Sam said...

110 today--worked mostly on form, but unfortunately most of those efforts proved futile.

I think it could easily improve...just can't quite comprehend how to accomplish this more efficiently yet.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

155...really smoked after Murph. Not making excuses that's just how it is.

adambo33 said...

125 max. I'm with Sammy...form was pretty sad, and I think it was closer to a press at the end of the lift. Wish I was in the AM group....its tough on my own.

NM said...

Looks like you guys are tearing it up this week! Hate I missed Murph yesterday...

Twerp and I doing a lot of METCON down here...look forward to getting back to all our equipment in the '62 Room.

Sunday we did 5 rds for time of the following:
-1 min. static handstand (w/10 push-up penalty each time we fell)
-15x burpee
-~60 foot swim with 10 lb weight overhead (w/10 push-up penalty each time the weight went sub-surface)
-150 meter beach run
-30x 20 inch box jumps
-150 meter beach run

We didn't do a great job of keeping time, but Twerp finished in about 45 mins and I finished 30-45 seconds later.

Monday we opened up w/a fartlek run of about 24 mins. We incorporated 6x 2 minute sprint intervals and varied our rest from 1 to 2 minutes. We then took a reclining beach chair to the beach and alternated doing "sled pulls" while the other sat in the chair. We went approx. 250 meters total. After 20x deep squat box jumps, we ran four sets of stairs to the fifth floor of our condo complex and then each did a buddy carry for the fifth set.

Even with very little equipment, I think we've been able to set up some stuff that's pretty functional...and extremely painful.

If you've got any ideas for some WODs with little equipment, feel free to share with everyone...we'll knock 'em out down here and maybe everyone else can file them away when they are in this position. Have a good one...

Jimmy said...

125-135(f)-125-125-130-135-140-145(failed twice)

Tex said...

I did Full Cleans instead:


adambo33 said...

Supplemented the workout with the crossfit endurance workout of the day:

4 min run: 3 min rest
2 min run: 30 sec rest
1 min run: 3 min rest
2 min run: 30 sec rest
4 min run.

I was about 100-125 meters short of 2 miles, so it was a pretty good pace.