Wednesday 7/8/09

For reps.

5 rounds of 1 minute for each of the following exercises:

Static hand stand
Kettle bell swings
Double unders

Post weight of kettle bell and number of reps of KBS/double unders.


Larry said...

If anyone has an extra jump rope they can bring that would be awesome. I don't have one and the ones at the gym don't work properly. Thanks!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Good news all...I ordered some new jump ropes last week and received them today. I'll bring them in the morning. I think they are better than the ones we currently have. If you guys really like them I can get some more. This was one of the things I plan to buy with our t-shirt money. We have a little over $900 right now and still have around 10-15 t-shirts left. All larges and gray, so if you know someone who wants one let me know.

C V said...

did 22 rounds of Cindy today. smoked. Texas' heat is a beating.

Will Rouge replace the ropes that broke?

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

109 KBS (53lb)
135 Double unders

The more tired I got the better I got at the double unders. I really liked the suck of the static handstand. Next time we need to put in a foul for not holding it continuously. Any ideas?

Tex said...

115 KBS (53lb)
74 DUs (weighted jumprope)

I like the idea of the foul. Burpee pull-ups anyone?

Mark R said...

Lost count on round three....
Factoring a 10 second transition time will allow movement to and from each exercise and writing down your numbers.

DB - tomorrow you need to give a block of instruction on the clock since I think you're the only one left that knows how to use it.

As for a penalty....penalties should be done on the spot and not cumulative after the fact. I think push-ups are good exercise that continues to work the core and shoulders which is what the hand stand is targeted at. Maybe 10 PU's after you drop before getting back up in the handstand.

SB said...

Handstand wall fouls:0,2,3,3,3
KBS (53lb): 89
DUs: 103

Absolutely brutal, but I liked the wod. Constantly varied!
Lesson learned...the jump ropes that we used to use in elementary school with the plastic pieces will break....I spent time doing some house keeping of a hundred pieces all around the 62 room on my last round.

NM said...

Used 53 lb KB but wasn't smart enough/too smoked to keep my KB and DU reps separate. Total reps= 219.

Jimmy said...

Used a 55# DB instead of a KB and implemented the 10 sec. rule for transition and to write down my reps:
80- DUs
interesting data on my HR. My avg was only 155, but my peak HR was 186. It dropped during hand stands (which were miserabale) and skyrocketed during DUs. Although there was more HR fluctuation, I was so exhausted with this workout that my right hand went numb. I can't remember a workout where that has happened before.

Sarah said...

107 KB's (35 lbs)
70 DU's


Anonymous said...

I need some serious A.I. on hand stands.....I'm not a fan of being upside down. That being said, I have no clue of my reps, but I do know my shoulders were on fire. I did the DU's very well, though.