Thursday 7/30/09

For time and number of consecutive reps.

100 x Double unders

Post time and highest number of unbroken reps to comments.


Mark R said...

2:42 (14)
2:53 (39)
4:32 (19) - my motivation deteriorated because of the absence of the morning crew regulars.

Jason said...

3:13 (18)
I got through the first 18 but then I could not string together any more than 3 or 4 after that.

Mark, I'm sorry that my presence was not motivating for you.

JJ said...

2:24 (200 singles, I think a 3:1 conversion would be more appropriate next time)
Practiced DU's, was able to string together 4 once, and a couple dubs.

NM said...

2:31 (57)
3:12 (17)
3:08 (19)

Jimmy said...

Not sure if I did this right. Could only do 5 straight (one time) mostly did two at a time. Started working on my technique and seemed to get better with 3-4 while noticing how much more I used my arms.
Total time was 5:27 to finish the 100. This was surprisingly hard.

Sam said...


I suck at jumping rope.

I'll keep working on it though. My apologies to all for the major case of THS when my alarm went off this morning. That's okay though--the first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one right?

adambo33 said...

hooah sam

Total time was 5:42. The only jump rope in my high school gym was way too short, so I never could get in a groove.