Thursday 7/23/09

For time.

25 x Handstand push up (head to floor)
25 x Manmakers (25lb/15lb dumb bells)

If you cannot do 25 handstand push ups, use the bands to assist you. We will show you how do set those up in the morning. If you do not have bands, do negatives or hand stand holds.

Post time to comments.


Dubbs said...

6:55 w/ 25# dumbbells

Anonymous said...

Hey All,
I am back in Atlanta, GA for 30 days of leave and decided to join a crossfit gym. its called crossfit east decatur ( all the people down here know all about Black&Gold. They saw our videos from the Level 1 Cert online. hope all is well with everyone.
-Peter Anderson

SB said...

15:38 w/ 25# DBs.....for the man-makers, i added in 2 x lunges (each leg) after the push press with the DBs overhead still. For the HSPUs...i did 7x free HSPUs and then used bands with 45lbs plates for added depth. Good wod!

Jimmy said...

16:26. I added the 2 x lunges at the end of each MM as well while using 2 x 26# KBs. This was surprisingly intense as noticed by the trail of sweat and slippery KBs.

Avg HR: 149
Peak HR: 173

Thanks for sharing the video the depicted the HSPU variations. That was very helpful.

DanH said...

rx'd - 6:50

Anonymous said...

I'm still shoddy at handstand PUs, and I'm in a gym all by my lonesome so I decided to do the main page WOD. I stumbled through it because I am on the verge of over-training (have picked up the basketball again, so extra cardio in the evenings) so I took the weight down a lot.

Tex said...


I did HSPUs with my feet on a 55-gallon drum (why that is in a basic-training company weight room, I don't know) and my legs parallel to the floor. Added 2x lunges with weight overhead to each man-maker. This morning I also completed the swims for my GPB. 200m-4:21 100m 1:42

JJ said...

Tough workout, KBs were a bad idea...
4:27 w/ 35 lb KBs