Friday 7/31/09

The Bear

For weight.

Minimum 5 rounds of, 7 x the following sequence:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Weight can only hit the floor at the beginning of the power clean. The only authorized rest positions are in the hang, racked in front squat/clean position, or on the back. If the you put the weight down, even to re-grip, the set does not count.

Increase load each round.

Post weight of each round to comments.

Compare to 4/20/09


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

It's 0400...I'm back out to the field. I also miss the morning crew and really wanted their motivation for this one. I'm going to try and hit this after lunch, it is going to hurt. See all of you Monday.

Mark R said...

Sorry Sarah and I didn't join the morning crew - I'm flying and she had work.

I'm going to cap off the week with the WOD when I get back from USMAPS!

Dubbs said...

Did yesterday's Double Unders in 2:09. Best streak was 29, averaged about 20-25 per.

Then did today's. Completed the circuit at 115, got through 5 rounds at 120.

Vanilla Gorilla said...


Jason said...

What a way to end a tough month. I'm looking forward to the next two months.
75-95-105-115-135(PR by 20lbs)

Neal's effort at the end was very motivating.

Sam said...


Did 115 over again for my last set after my form got ugly on the 4th set to make sure. Got it the 5th set, but that was all I had in me.

Push press is a weak point. Hoping to improve in the future.

SB said...

did this one at MWR....makes you really appreciate our room.

NM said...


So I got through the first four rounds and almost all of the fifth, but couldn't quite lock out on the push press on the 7th iteration of the 5th round so had to set it down, regroup, and knock out the 7th iteration again.

Appreciate the motivation from all...was a great group this AM, though missed some of the regulars.

I will be TDY on Monday so look forward to getting back to the crew on Tuesday.

Tex said...

95-105-115(previous PR)-120-125(PR)

I am still feeling some weakness in my right side, but it is getting better. I love this workout!

Mark R said...


Contrary to Tex, I do not like this work out....mostly because I felt maybe that's a good thing. Been awhile since I've done a workout at night.

Hope everyone felt they got a good workout for July. I tried to throw some curves and mix it up a bit.

I'm working on getting the 2nd Aviation Detachment out on the morning of the 13th and put them through "Fight Gone Bad."

Tex said...


I did Murph from a few weeks ago. This is not a good second workout for a day as is evidenced by my time:

mile 1: 7:31
mile 2: 8:41

Anonymous said...

I forgot to post my Bear stuff:

I made a dubious mistake of starting off with 95 and it just smoked me. I did 95-105-105 then just did as much as I could with 95 I really should've started off like 65 and I was smoked from the week.