Saturday 8/1/09 - Sunday 8/2/09

Rest Days.

Sorry for the late post...CLDT is kicking my ass.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Tried to make up for missing 3 workouts last week and paid dearly for it.

Double under workout: 3:20. Just couldn't string many together. 12 was my highest. Just never got into the rhythm.

The Bear: 135 was my final number. In the past I was able to get to 145 and at least attempt it but I ran out of gas. The double under workout took more out of me than I thought.

After that I worked up to a 1RM of squat clean and jerk. Got to 185 and couldn't go any further without some sort of external motivation.

Lastly, finished with Max reps pull ups and got 30. I know that I didn't follow the workout exactly from last week but I tried to make up for my absence. Looking forward to getting back with the crew once CLDT is over.

Tex said...


400m burpee broad-jump


The only word that really describes the experience is 'brutal.' I met a new FA 2LT here at Knox and have been working out with him.

I leave for USAFA tomorrow morning. Ready to get some of the zoomies to drink the CF kool-aid.