CrossFit Friday 8/28/09

Meet at the river courts at 0530.

Complete all exercises with a buddy. We will break down into groups in the morning for a round robin chipper workout.

For time.

6 rounds of:

10 x Pull up
10 x Squat


Walking lunge down and back the length of the field (400m)


3 rounds of:

Burpee broad jump 25m
Buddy carry 25m


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

Push ups

Post time to comments.


richard said...

Fowler and Thomas


Go Bandits

Jake said...

27:40 and I only made it through 10,9..6 of the PU and Dips before I had to roll to the showers.

Good smoker today.

Anonymous said...

24:55. Good end to the week.

ChadC said...

Chris and I forgot to start a clock, but I think we were around 28:00. Great WOD. Everyone enjoy the weekend and know you earned it!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

23:01...good WOD. Anyone know who put it together? I am assuming that it was some mystery man that goes by the name Tony Nash, but yet I did not see this man this morning. So I can only assume he is a figment of our imaginations, a ghost like creature that lives in our halls and makes up crazy workouts in order to improve those around him while he sleeps soundly knowing that we are on the front lines providing that blanket of freedom that keeps him so warm.

I'm just sayin'

Jimmy said...

27:46. Subbed 400m lunge with 200 m lunge with 2 x 15# dumb bells.
Need rest before body mutinies after this past week's various workouts.

adambo33 said...

28:45 but as usual I had to interpret/ guess distances based on the friendly ft sill confines.

Come on Tony.

Joseph said...


Lots of pullups slowed me up a bit. But I enjoyed the diversity of the WOD

CLG said...

I was with Joe (30:00)
Dips were my goat of today though.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

I too have heard of this mystery man. The only thing I know about him are the legends that people tell.

As for the workout, made it up after school. As rx'd 21:08

Shamefully Your,

Vanilla Gorilla

SB said...

27:30...ready for the weekend. Next week.. BEAT E. Michigan!

Tex said...


First 1.5 mile - 8:23
Second 1.5 mile - 8:32

Rested approx 6:30 between efforts