Wednesday 8/5/09

For time.

7 rounds of:

10 x Med ball clean
10 x Burpee

Post time to comments.


Jake said...

11:57 = weak and sore

Jason said...

Thanks to Neal for the push throughout.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

9:23...It's only Wednesday and I'm out of gas. So ready for the academic year to start and get our big crew back.

ChadC said...


NM said...

J Whips just gettin after it lately. Gotta be our poster boy for the difference CF makes...awesome work this AM.

SB said...

13:35 = not a good showing
Once again...just when i think something is in my wheelhouse...i learn the ugly truth all over again. the MB cleans ate me up.

Tex said...


No medicine balls were available, so I used a single 40lb dumbbell. I think that I overcompensated for the awkward factor of the medicine ball.

adambo33 said...


Only had a 12lb medicine ball so I did 15 reps instead of 10. I was extremly sore and in pain....definately out of gas.

C V said...

Didn't have the Med balls.
Subbed in 5x 135# squat cleans instead of the med ball cleans.

12:01. Smoked.

Chat said...

Also sub'd 5x squat cleans.

Started with 135 and switch to 115 for last 4 sets. Need to work on form which suffered greatly in the later sets.