Thursday 8/27/09

For today's workout you will need to work up to your 1RM Dead lift. If you know that already, then you can go straight into this workout after the warm up.

For weight.

10 x 1 rep of 80% of your 1RM Dead lift (1 minute between starting of each lift)

In this workout, you will start with one rep at 3, 2, 1 go. You will do your 2nd rep at 1 minute, third rep on the 2 minute, etc...until you have completed 10 reps. You should do you final rep on the 9th minute.


3 x max reps of hand stand push ups. (2 minutes rest between sets)

Post weight of DL and number of each set of HSPU to comments.


Dubbs said...

265 DL...about 85% 1RM, but felt like I could have gone 10 or 20 LBs heavier, which means my 1RM has improved.

HSPU - 23, 15, 10

derekmeatwad said...

piss test this morning, sorry guys

Jake said...

265 DL (last 1RM was 315 so there is improvement)

HSPU - 5,5,then 15 with help from my friends the bands

SB said...

225 DL (really tried to keep form...thanks to JJ for the help)
HSPU - 5, then 15 and 8 on bands

Jason said...

Previous 1RM: 365 and used 295DL today. Felt good at 295 and should have gone a little heavier.

HSPU - 18, 13, 10

LDO said...

Did Monday's workout today.

(did an extra set)

then, 11:42

Anonymous said...

315 DL (1RM was 405, so I think I could have lifted heavier).
Used the bands for the hspu's: 20, 15, 12.

ChadC said...

295 DL...could have gone a bit heavier. Need to get 1 RM again.

No HSPU- agrivates a previous injury.

adambo33 said...

DL: 315. This was my previous 1RM when we last did football total in July I think so I'm pumped. Not even sure what my 1rm is now but that is a good proble
hspu was 8, 10, 7.

MBK said...

Can anyone explain how to use the bands for the hspu? I have never used them before. Thanks for the help

JJ said...

295 DL, felt like I should have gone heavier...
HSPU - 25-16-11
Multiple sets of HSPU really shows the room for improvement in that area...

NM said...

275 DL

HSPU: 10, 9, 7

See you at CF Friday tomorrow AM...I hear CDT Tony Nash is planning a pretty sick WOD.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

275lb DL. Failed over and over again on the 10th rep. It was ridiculous! Finally got it but it hurt.

21-16-13 on Hand stand push ups.

westpointlefty said...

225 lb x9 295x1

ptoffler said...

300lbs on the DL... 7,6,5 on the HSPU (still working on balance and form).

MBK said...

295 DL and assisted hspu for all three sets

Stroh's Lite said...

245 DL definately need to re-check 1RM... when did we do that last? June?

Used the bands to assist the HSPU's
They are great to help form and full range of motion.

Reps= 17, 11, 6

Stroh's Lite said...


This example has a three band method, but it can be done with just two...
I use on Green (big) band looped on itself over the bar, and one blue band(thinner) passed through the green to make two loops (one for each shoulder). Legs can wrap or steady on the band.

VW said...

275 # DL
I had to do assisted HSPUs for all three sets

Jimmy said...

had to take the day off. Ultimate Frisbee at noon. Body needs rest.
multiple two-a-days this week has resulted in the bones fighting back.

Tex said...

Buddy Murph with Matt Mitchell
Wore IBA + 20lbs for entire workout

1.1 miles - 8:00
Reps - 12:39
500m buddy carry - 6:30

Total - 27:18

240# on DL. Should have gone heavier.

HSPU - 3-3-0....still working out the chest/tricep issues from the summer. However, my strength is far better than just 3 weeks ago when I could not do 1 unassisted HSPU.

Worked muscle-ups a bit afterward. Got my first set of 3 continuous. Small gain, but a gain nonetheless.

Bryce said...

365 on the deadlifts. kept falling on the handstand push ups: 10, 6, 6.

derekmeatwad said...

405 DL
Did it Friday because I got piss tested and was at Arvin for CPRC hooah