Saturday 8/29/09 - Sunday 8/30/09

Rest Days

Unless you are Tony Nash. As you can see by the picture below, he had his rest day yesterday morning while we were all doing his workout. (Picture taken by Gregg Starr post workout)

Sometimes being part of a community like the CrossFit group we have here at West Point, means being held accountable. Don't fret it will only make you better.


Paul Mary said...

this took about 25 min

6 rounds-
10x pullup
25x stepups(quick)

Stationary bike- 2 miles lvl 14 as fast as possible

3 rounds-
10x burpees
inchorm front and backwards length of mat


Tex said...

Climbed 5.7,5.8,5.9 on Lead and 5.10 on TR.


4 sets max strict pull-ups 18,18,15,15
3 sets of 3 wrist roll-ups (2.75lbs)