CrossFit Friday 8/21/09

Welcome back for our first installment of CrossFit Friday. Today is a variation of an oldie but goodie. Meet at the River Courts next to the crew house at 0530

Buddy Murph

Run 1 mile
100 x Pull up
200 x Push up
300 x Squat
Run backwards 1/2 mile

All exercises are done with a buddy. On the runs you must be within one arms length of your buddy at all times. You can break the pull ups, push ups, and squats into what ever order you want, but between the team must complete the total number of reps for each exercise. For example, one team member could do the 100 pull ups, one could do the 200 push ups and then each member does 150 squats. (This is not the recommended course of action, but merely an example) See you in the morning. If you have a specific tunes request, bring your play list on an ipod, otherwise we're going to rock with Metallica.

Post time to comments.


Grenade said...

Question? Do you have to complete one exercise before starting the next.

derekmeatwad said...


Metallica is a must

NM said...

No, you do not have to complete one exercise before starting the next. In fact, every time I've done Murph, I've done 20 sets of 5x pull-ups, 10x push-ups, and 15x squats. That's the method I plan on incorporating with my partner tomorrow. See you all in the AM...

adambo33 said...

Even though I'm at ft sill I will be listening to the greatest heavy band of all time and it's not even close.......metallica

CLG said...

Joe and I-
28 minutes.
We used MAJ Mayo's breakdown between the two of us.

Great start to Ring Weekend.

richard said...

This is for me and Cho

6:50 mile

29:49 total time, backwards run was a lot harder then I thought it would be.

Go Bandits!

Sam said...

In lieu of todays workout I went to Arvin and tried to do Wednesday's and Thursday's WODs.

Wednesday WOD:

Total time: 10:05

Thursday WOD:

Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk are all major goats, as evidenced from Thursday's WOD.

Jason said...

MAJ Underwood and I were just under 30min. Not sure of our exact time though. The backwards run was interesting. MAJ Underwood had a great push at the end!!!

Have a great Ring Weekend!!!!

Chewy said...

had a group of 3 so we just added on to the amount of reps for each event = 150 pullups, 300 pushups, and 450 squats.

we ended up with a finishing time of 26:08. great workout although i felt i could have pushed myself a little harder through the exercises.

Anonymous said...

My plebe buddy left me with 220 squats to go because he had to go call minutes. Well, I guess you need to keep pushing through if your buddy goes down. Knocked out the squats with a little help (thanks!) and finished just over 30 min.
Congrats to the firsties...just don't try and wear those rings during a WOD.

Maj said...

32:45...this was a good workout to start Crossfit Friday

Gregg said...


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

25:22 with MAJ Borovicka...

Good group out there this morning. Congrats to the firsties on getting their rings. Do yourself a favor and get it insured. $5 a month for some peace of mind is well worth it.

Get some rest, see you Monday.

SB said...

Missed you all...i had a meeting this morning. Ended up doing "Lucy" because i was short on time before class
5 rnds for time:
5x pullups
10x burpees
400m run

time: 12:50

NM said...

~21:30 with CDT Kyle Volle (GO BIG SNAKES!). He basically drug me through the mile run, did twice as many reps on all the exercises, and then carried me on the last run...I'm smoked.

Great to see everyone this morning...hope to see you again next week.

Have a great weekend...especially you Firsties!

Jimmy said...

1/2 Murph, No partner.
Avg Hr: 170

Train wReck said...

Me and AL got 25:07

Go Eagles

Jake said...

Chris and I were partners during C hour.
Run: 6:36
Total Time: 26:19

Great WOD. Having a partner pushed us both to step it up another notch.

Grenade said...

I felt terrible today. I ran hard for my mile and after that had a hard time doing everthing else. The one good note is that I was able to increase my number of unassisted pull-ups. 50:30

Anonymous said...

28:34 with coronato. the backwards run was sucktastic, but I had some motivation coming from my partner and some friendly competition.