Thursday 8/6/09

Squat clean

3 x 3 x 3


For time.

50 x Pull up
50 x Sit up

Post time to comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that you can mix up the pullups and situps any way you want?

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Adam--No do the 50 pull ups then 50 sit ups. You'll actually lose time trying to transition between the two.

SB said...

3:04 on 50/50

All...check out video on CF main site with a CPT from the USMC talking about CF and Combat fitness.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

155, 165, 175 failed on 2...set it down and got it on the 3rd try.

3:51 on the 50/50

Jason said...

155, 175, 185... Thanks to Shawn for the coaching this morning.

3:43 on 50/50
My situp form was not good. I used my arms for momentum instead of keeping my hands together behind my head. DPE would have said "No" 50 times.

NM said...

135, 145, 155.

3:10 on 50/50.

Anonymous said...

135, 145, 165-failed on third rep twice, set it down and got it.

4:43 on the 50's. Pullups are not my forte.

Sam said...

Sorry I have been gone for the past couple of weeks--been at CLDT.

Had the afternoon so I did today's WOD at Arvin:

Squat Clean: 3x155 3x175, 3x185, then tried 195 but failed on the 3rd rep. I'll get it next time.

50 Pullup/50 situps: 3:45

Really enjoyed this workout, although I've found its much easier for me to work harder with the morning crew than it is by myself in the afternoons or evenings. Can't wait to have some time to come back when CLDT is over with.

DanH said...
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DanH said...

Audie Murphy Gym openned today and we did our first WOD in it (5 RFT: 5 sqt clns w/ 155# + 10 burpees, time - 11:01). The place is awesome, the Sorinex company really hooked them up. They have some stuff in there we haven't used before (weighted sleds, agility ladders, etc) the would be great to incorporate into training.

Grenade said...

95x3, 115x3, 135x3 squat clean

7:33 on 50/50

I definitely feel like I am getting better, still have a long way to go.

Jimmy said...

just got back from Gettysburg so I did the Burpee broad jump 400 meters (around the track). Stayed in the second lane and mixed up the burpees by adding two roughly every other burpee.
34:35. that sucked. Big difference in time when done at 1600 after PT in morning followed by foot movements all day over the battlefield. It was more of a gut-check than anything else.

Anonymous said...

sweet sam....right when I think I'm doing good

Jake said...

95x3, 95x3, 95x3
4:36 on 50/50

Shoulder is getting better and better but went ultra light on cleans to keep it that way