Wednesday 8/26/09

For time.

5 rounds of:

10 x Pull up
10 x Ring Dip
50 x Squat

Post time to comments.


Jason said...


Good WOD today. Wasted some time trying to find open rings, but that just gave my legs a little more rest for the squats.

Mark R said...

15:18 as rx'd

Mark R said...

An active warm-up for 10 minutes will improve performance and reduce risk of injury. Please do not wait for anyone to tell you to start warming up--you should go right into it when you get into the gym. If you are unsure of what to do here two examples:

1. The "official" CF warm-up:
3 rounds of 10-15 reps of
Samson Stretch (do the Samson Stretch once each round for 15-30 seconds)
Overhead Squat with PVC pipe
Note that for a workout that's dip or pullup-centric, you might want to do something else in the warmup.
*Here's the article that goes more indepth about it (it's FREE):

2. This was posted yesterday on the CF Main site. It's just another idea of exercises you could be doing:

Keep up the great work and dedication of getting up to endure the suck with everyone!! You inspire the hell out of us when everyone is there busting their butt!!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

11:01 had a little bit of THS today but I was motivated to see some really great improvements.

The purpose of doing so many squats today was to really work them and I fully believe that we achieved success. There was some really good coaching out there this morning and it was great to see people listening and working on their form. Trust me when I say, if someone told you that you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life that exercise should be the squat. If it is done properly, it engages all of your BIG muscles, improves circulation and keeps your core strong. Good news is that it is not the only exercise you have to do but it is the basis of so many.

Keep up the great work. For those of you who are interested, I have a pretty good power point presentation that describes the points of performance for the nine foundational CrossFit movements (squat, back squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, clean and deadlift.) Email me and I'll send it to you.

Lastly, demonstrations on all of these movements can be accessed through the B&G homepage on the right hand side there is a link to exercise demos.

Anonymous said...

9:40. Had no competition for bars/rings, so that probably helped. Hope we get to work on some legs tomorrow...

adambo33 said...

13:40 but I did 20 regular dips instead of ring dips. I think that is about the proper ratio but it always takes me longer than the ring dips especially in the last couple sets. Legs are about done with squats.

Jimmy said...

subbed 30# DB for rings
Emphasis: squat form. Locking out at the top as in a DL, straight back and movement of toes.

Train wReck said...


-Go Eagles
and Go MECH

Bryce said...

As Rx'd


My legs feel like JELL-O.

SB said...

14:35 (scaled the 2nd-5th rnd of ring dips with blue band)

derekmeatwad said...

14:34 MetCons are my kryptonite

Jason said...

Played some Ultimate Frisbee at lunch followed by max rep pull ups: 29 (PR)

Grenade said...

19:48. substitued ring dips with regular dips.

JJ said...


Somehow let Dan and Jason talk me into Max Reps for Pull-Ups after Ultimate Frisbee - 37 when the grip finally failed, that tape really helps down there...

VW said...

14:50, squats slowed me down

Jake said...

Had to use bands for ring dips on sets 2-5

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Pull Ups
BW deadlifts (155 lbs)
then 1 25m spirit after each set

5 min rest

WOD 9:40 as rx'd

It was a good one today

AL said...


Had to substitute regular dips for the ring dips

Sodak said...


A little of assistance on the dips.

CM said...


Had to use the bands on rounds 2-5 as well.

MBK said...

15:03, ring dips were not to standard

Paul Mary said...

used resistance bands after second round.

instead of squats, did stair steps (100 touches each round)

westpointlefty said...


Bernie said...

15:25, substituted bar dips for rings because WOD was completed at MWR. Pull Ups sets 4 and 5 slowed me down...had to do 5 and 5 because I couldn't complete all 10 anymore. The best part was that puke-ish feeling that steadily rose in the back of my throat from all of those damn squats!

Demet-hook said...


Sam said...


Playing catch-up from a couple trips I had to leave for (life is pretty rough as the Army Golf Grad assistant).