Tuesday 8/4/09

Max effort Back squat

3 x 2 x 1


For Time.

3 rounds of:

Run Quarters 100/101 loop (500m)
30-20-10 reps
Sumo deadlift high pull (95lb/65lb)
Box Jumps (24"/20")

Post time to comments.


Mark R said...
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Mark R said...

185, 205, 225
Probably should have started higher
Thanks for the extra push on the last set. SDHP's seemed to get easier each set for some reason.

Jake said...
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Jake said...

Glad to be back (although limited in activity)
For squats:

For the run and fun about 20 minutes. Could only do the first set of sumos and then had to double up on box jumps for the shoulders.

Good to see everybody again

Jason said...

Back Squats: Max effort, but poor results
1x285(f), 275(f)

13:53 for the rounds.

NM said...

Back squats: 225, 225, 225 (got a little tweak in my back so didn't want to kill it...at least that's my excuse).

14:32 on the second half.

SB said...

BS: 185,205,225 (need to work on depth)

16:35 (scaled SDHP to 85lbs...my shoulder joint has been acting up as of late)

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Did this at lunch today on an empty stomach and 3 hours of sleep. No excuses just wanted to highlight the varied times and new domain. Felt pretty good none the less.

225, 235, 245. I think that I could have gone higher if I would have had a spotter but I didn't want to lose the bar and have to reset it.

14:28. The sun was sapping my run but what a great day to be outside.

Jason--Great time!

See you in the morning.

Anonymous said...


225, 245, 275. The last time we did Football total I did 275 and it was much more of a struggle. I felt like I could do more this time, but I'll stick with 275 for now.

I made another painful mistake on the workout.

I thought I was supposed to do: (run, 30 pulls-30 jumps, 20 pulls-20 jumps, 10 pulls-10 jumps) as one set. Tried to do three sets of that, but got through the first one and a half and realized I must have done something wrong. The third set I cut short cuz my time was 25 min+. Oh well....at least I worked hard.

Tex said...



I ran inside the fitness center. I'm pretty sure that my run was just sub-500m. I really felt the altitude by the time I made it to my first set of SDHP.

ChadC said...

245, 265, 285

14:42, thanks to NM for the push at the end. It is good to be back on a consistent schedule.

C V said...

Subbed today's workout w/ the "Jones crawl" with Chris because the current gym here doesn't work well with running and lifting workouts. That should change Thursday with the new gym.
3 rounds
10 DL @115% BW (=~225)
25 box jumps @ 24"

Chat said...

What Chris V said.

Did "jones crawl" in 7:07
with 205# for the DL

Grenade said...

adambo33 I guess I read it wrong too, it hurt really bad but its done